Do you want to paint like a professional painter Arlington? Follow these 10 tips if you ar planning on a DIY renovation and you want a perfect finish.

Before starting to paint on your ask for advice from our professional painter Arlington!

1. Plan where to start

If you want to renovate more rooms from your home, whit which one to begin? The ideal is to empty the rooms. If you paint the emptiest one first, it will help you to free up the rest and make it easier for you to move.

Prepare the material. Check if you have everything (painter’s tape, protective paper, sandpaper, putty, spatula, paint, etc). If you want to make a good for the planet, you can use old sheets, if you have, so that way you will save on plastic.

2. Try different colors to get there

If you doubt the color, brush on walls, and look at them at different times of the day. Don’t be afraid of trying bold and vibrant colors!

3. Prepare the walls well 

If your walls are in a bad condition, you have to sand them very well. Then clean them of the dust created and give them a primer and putty before painting. For small cracks and holes, you only need some putty.

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4. Stucco paper: what to do with them?

It is a delicate job, so it is best to have a professional. If you have  stucco on the walls, it must be removed. 

5. Protect furniture and surfaces

Put masking tape on non-wood baseboards, doors, corners of ceilings, and frames. Remove the switches, if you can, if not, use tape on them too. 

professional painters Arlington

6. Choose the most suitable paint

If the walls are don’t need so much fixing, you can use plastic paint for the rooms. You can use it in both the kitchen and bathroom too. Because it is increasingly natural, so it hardly give off the smell of paint. But there are a lot more paints to choose from. Call our painters from Arlington for more details!

7. Ceilings, corners, and walls

To be able to cover the paint drops on the walls, you must start with the ceiling . But if there are defects, use caulk, start there, and take the opportunity to paint corners.

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Smooth corners. That way you can avoid the difference between the corner and the wall. First, paint them with a brush, and than  smudge the line with a roller.

8. It’s time for the carpentry

You can paint the doors with foam rollers. Our professionals work with two. They use a wet one to load the paint surface and another dry, to comb it. Search for all exterior painting companies in Boston and discover our team among the most appreciated companies in this niche of house painting. 

Paint freehand! To avoid staining the wall, never put painter’s tape on it! Since when you remove it you can lift the paint and it will be worse.

9. Wait a few hours, up to 24 hours, and do another layer

Depending on the type of the paint and the brand, you will have to wait diferent amount of times before a second coat.

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Monolayer paint. This type of paint doesen’t need a second coat. Although the application may cost you a little more. Think about it before deciding. Or ask for advice from one of our professional.

10. Remove the tape and make finishing touches

If you leave the tape and it dries, chances are high that it will break. Or leave a trace of glue on the wall, or take the paint with it. Final touches. Once everything is clean, go over with a small brush to fix any damage.

And now that? You see yourself painting without problem, right? You have a few days to choose colors. Prepare everything and you can start the New Year with a new home. Or let our house painting company do the job, for more professional and faster results!

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