Any deck needs to be repaired from time to time, especially without regular maintenance. But for house owners it can be hard to know when the deck needs to be fixed. By reading this article, you will find our what are the main signs your deck needs to be repaired. It’s actually pretty simple to notice them.

            And, fortunately, we are always here to provide good deck repair Needham services. By simply giving us a call, you can end up having a nice and functional outdoor living space. What is more, you will be given advices regarding deck maintenance and you will benefit from a collaboration with amazing people.

Light carpentry: deck repair Needham services and when you should ask for help

            There are at least 5 reasons why your deck might need repairing. Here is a list with the signs you should look after:

  • rotted wood
  • deteriorated and loose railings
  • splintered and cracked railings
  • erosion around certain parts of the deck
  • rotting around the beams and posts

Each and everyone of these signs can deteriorate decks even more if left unfixed. This is why it would be a great idea to address the problems as soon as you acknowledge them. With our deck repair Needham, you will end up with a deck as good as new.

First sign for deck repair Needham: wood is rotting or is already rotten

            Time and weather are factors that can lead to a rotten deck. Rain and snow will create a lot of moisture that is not beneficial for wood. And if the deck started already to rot, it will spread throughout the entire surface.

            This is why it is a good idea to pay attention and address the problem on time. If left untreated, the wood will decay more and more until there would be nothing to be saved anymore. So, give us a call if you suspect that your deck might be starting to rot.

Second sign: railings are deteriorated or loose

            Loose or deteriorated railings can be extremely unsafe. If left unaddressed, it can put you in danger. Weakness in the post’s connection is not a good sign. Due to bad weather exposure, railings can deteriorate over time.

            Rot is also an issue that can deteriorate railings. Make sure you live in a safe outdoor space and contact an expert as soon as you notice the problem. It is important not only to have a beautiful deck, but also a beautiful one.

Third sign: boards are cracked or splintered

            Splinters and cracks are usually a minor cause of concern. However, they do need to be fixed. The damage is caused by sun exposure or other natural elements. In spite of that, it should be easy for an expert to repair these kinds of things.

            Not even the most qualitative type of wood does not resist time and natural elements. No matter if the wood is stained or weather proofed, it will still wear off. But the process of replacing boards is quite simple.

Fourth sign: you see erosion around footings or posts

            It is impossible to escape erosion, especially when it comes to wood. It is normal for wood to wear off over time. It happens because the rain and snow can wash away the soil. This soil supports posts and footings, so it’s understandable why it needs repairing.

            However, we are able to fix that. Our expert team will make sure that you live in a safe environment. Take care of your house and your house will return the favor!

Fifth sign: beams and posts are rotting

            As we have already established: rot is absolutely not a good sign. So make sure that you don’t let your deck rot over time as it will be harder in the future to repair it. It will probably need to be changed altogether.

            If you live in a humid place where it rains a lot, wood is more prone to decaying. So if you know that this is the case for you, check if your deck is still in a good condition.

Echohousepainting will help with anything regarding deck restoration

            Our services are meant to make your life easier and to elevate your living space. If you want a home that looks like it’s being taken care of, let us know.

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