8 Signs your home needs exterior painting services

April 5, 2022

One of the most essential things you can do to keep the value of your property is to take care of it. A well-maintained paint job appears pleasant and well-put-together. Quality paint also protects the exterior of your home from the weather. Exterior painting services help you to upgrade your home without spending a lot of money.

How do you determine whether it’s time for professional exterior painting services? Keep an eye out for these eight warning flags.

The color of your home’s exterior paint has a significant influence on its look. If your outside paint is past its prime, it might potentially cause structural issues with your property. Fortunately, professional exterior painting services can prevent this from happening.

1. Wear and tear on the paint

Paint that is peeling, bubbling, or cracking indicates that it has succumbed to the environment. These symptoms may also indicate the presence of dry rot or mold. They should not be disregarded since they might lead to worse difficulties in the future.

2. Paint color fading

Fading paint gives a property a worn and jaded appearance. When the brilliant hue has faded to a lighter tone, it’s time for a fresh coat of paint. When choosing the next color, keep in mind that darker paint colors fade faster than lighter tints. 

Make your house bold again with exterior painting services!

3. Listing the home for sale

First impressions are only made once. That is why curb appeal is so crucial when selling a home. The instant a potential buyer pulls into your driveway, they will form an opinion of your home in a split second. 

They will notice whether the paintwork is outdated or badly done, which may influence their choice to make an offer or not. A fresh coat of paint may make your house seem more contemporary, clean, and inviting.

4. Caulking cracks

The caulking on the outside of your home has lost its flexibility if it is crumbling or displaying symptoms of brittleness. This implies it’s time for a fresh coat of paint.

5. The presence of gaps or shrinkage

Dry rot can be detected by gaps between the boards of your home’s outside siding. Moisture has seeped through the wood. The same is true if the boards appear to be diminishing. Before painting the outside, an expert should inspect the damage.

Choose a professional company that includes fixing damages in their package of exterior painting services!

6. Enough time has passed

You do not need to wait for evidence of paint breakdown before applying a layer of paint. Repainting before major concerns arise will save you time and money. Proper upkeep can maintain your house in good condition.

Exteriors should be painted every 5 to 10 years, according to industry standards. This period is determined by how thoroughly your house was painted the last time, the quality of the prep work performed, and much more.

Every 3 to 7 years, wood surfaces should be repainted.

Every 5 years, aluminum siding should be repainted.

Every 5 to 6 years, stucco should be redone.

At Echohouspainting you can benefit from a 7 years guarantee for all of their exterior house maintenance services. Such as exterior painting, deck repairs, and window glazing. How cool is that?

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7. Water Damage Symptoms

Water damage can be caused by a lack of paint application on your wood siding. Deep fissures along the wood grain should be avoided. Rot can also be indicated by soft areas. Water damage can also lead to additional problems, such as mold development.

8. It’s Time for a Change

Sometimes it’s just great to shake things up and try something new. A fresh coat of paint on your home’s exterior may make a big difference. It may alter the ambiance and appearance without requiring costly structural adjustments.

Contact the Local Painting Experts

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