Renovations are processes that need to be done from time to time in every household. Our company provides renovation services such as interior house renovation, exterior painting, power washing and many others. We have experts all over Massachusetts state and if you are looking for painters in Arlington MA, our company is the way to go! In this article you will find out the step by step plan for an interior painting project. Stick with us and find out everything that our company can offer you!

Planning the interior house renovation project with our help

Planning everything by yourself is a hard thing. That is why our team of professional painter will stand by your side from the very beginning. After contacting our company, we will plan a meet up where we can discuss face to face the whole project.

Our number 1 priority are the clients. So we will pay great attention to details during the renovation process. At the meet up we will discuss things like:

  • The color of the paint
  • How long does the renovation take
  • The price
  • What materials do we use
  • Any other details / aspects that are important for you.

Don’t forget that you can get a free quote online, by filling in the form from our website. By entering all the necessary information, we will try to approximate the whole cost of the renovation. Remember that you can call us or meet up with us anytime!

interior house restoration

The process of renovating the interior of a house

After making the final plan of the renovation, our team will start the process of renovation in the previously established period. There are several steps that are followed by the house painters every time a renovation is carried out.

The team will cover all of your belongings in order to prevent them from getting damaged with paint or dust.

The whole space will get inspected, and if there are any damages, they will be repaired. This way, we will make sure that the renovation will last as long as possible, without any problems.

Our team will apply a coat of primer. The primer has several benefits, but the most important is that it helps the paint to stick better to the surface. A better adhesion will ensure a long lasting result.

The last step is the application of the paint. The paint will be applied in 2 coats, in order to ensure that the color is strong and the surface doesn’t have any patches.

Our company uses the best quality paints. For interior painting, our team uses Benjamin Moore paint. This is a brand that produces high quality and long lasting paint.

Other services provided by our interior house painting company

Our company doesn’t provide only interior painting services, but other services too, such as:

  • Exterior painting – refresh or change the exterior look of the house
  • Commercial painting – as the name says, this service is applied in commercial spaces such as stores, office buildings, beauty salons, etc.
  • Power washing – it can be used on the exterior of a house, on concrete or other surfaces, in order to remove dust and grime stuck to the surface.
  • Deck restoration – will improve the way that the house looks and feels. It gives a more comfortable vibe to the house.
  • Gutters and downspouts – will collect any leaves or grimes, and will also conduct the collected water from the rain carrier system of the house.
  • Window glazing – is the process of fitting the glass to the window.

The services provided by Echohousepainting are high quality ones, because we:

  • Consider that our no. 1 priority are the clients.
  • Have professional teams of painters that will execute a perfect work.
  • Use the best products.
  • Communicate with our clients all of the time.
  • Love what we do!

interior house painting

Get your free quote as soon as possible!

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