Painting is the easiest and cheapest way to renovate your house. Knowing how can an expert painter help you will avoid hard work and will make all the difference in your finished project.

What can an expert painter do for your house?

An expert painter from Echohousepainting can help with the following things:

Color Consulting

Choosing the colors to use in your home can be one of the hardest decisions to make. A painter can help you choose the best colors for your interior or exterior space.


Using paint is a great way to renovate the interior of your home. A professional painter will prepare the surface for painting, protect the floors and furniture, and apply the paint with the best tools for the job.


Painting the exterior can give your home a boost, increase its perceived value, and help protect it from the weather. Our painter will remove the existing paint, repair and prepare the exterior surface, and apply the paint based on your preferences.

Boost up the appearance of your home with an expert painter from Echohousepainting!


Painting the fence is a great way to protect it and improve its look and finish. Usually, professional painters use a spray gun, as this allows them to paint large areas quickly and use less paint than other methods. Wooden fencing is the most commonly painted material, although concrete and iron are also fairly common.


Ceiling paint ensures protection and complements the style of your home. We usually clean the roof  to remove dirt. It is then repaired, if necessary, before applying a sealer. Painters can use wide rollers or an airless spray gun to apply the paint.

Exterior Wood Maintenance

From time to time, the wood around your home will need to be maintained to keep it looking its best. Our experienced painters can help by cleaning the wood and applying oils, varnishes, and paints to the wood. This is done every few years with the decks. Which must be polished and then protected again with some covering paint.

Let our experienced painters use their magic on your home!

Specialty Finishes

If you don’t want to stick to standard or matte gloss finishes, why not go for specialty paint finishes? Specialty paint finishes include suede, stone look, metal, pearl, satin, and marbling.

Wood repairs

This is the fastest and most effective way to get a new kitchen cabinet or other furniture. While you can do some DIY projects with your kitchen cabinets, hiring us will ensure you a stylish finish.

Commercial painting

Just like a house, commercial buildings also need attention from time to time. Whether it’s a store, school, hospital, or office. Commercial painters will create a look that suits your needs and try to get the job done with minimal business disruption.


Wallpaper is a stylish alternative to painting, creating textures and effects that painting alone cannot. Nowadays, wallpapers are easy to apply or remove. Also, they come in a wide range of textures and colors. Our professionals will remove the old wallpaper and install the new wallpaper of your choice.

What things should you consider when hiring an expert painter?

  • First of all, experience. You can see that in his profile. If there are photos of previous work, the better.
  • Then, that he has all the tools, rollers, brushes, buckets, ladders, etc.
  • Also that he does a good job of preparing the wall or the wood to be painted. That determines the duration.
  • Follow the work closely. There may be discrepancies in colors that are best resolved before work is well advanced.
  • Do not hire painting services based solely on price, because that can cost you more than it seems. If you want to know the prices of our painting services, complete the quote on our website!
  • Always ask for a written estimate. So you can claim.
  • Check what type of guarantee it offers. You can also see it on his profile. At Echohousepainting we offer you 7 years of guarantee!
  • The paint will be mor accesibble if a painting company buys it. Simply because a company buys more quantity.

If you need to spice things up in your home, call us now!

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