If you own a house, it’s hard to avoid thinking about different ways to improve it and increase its value. You can renovate your kitchen, change the windows, get solar panels, add insulation to your house, and so on. The possibilities seem to be endless. One of the most affordable and fairly easy ways to do it is by painting your house exterior.

But why does painting your house help raise its value? And what other benefits are there to consider? We found 10 of them and can’t wait to tell you exactly what to expect from a well done exterior painting job.

1.   Your house will look brand new again!

Attractive house exterior and eye-catching colors can be part of your daily routine again! When you first moved into your house, you probably had a fresh-looking exterior. The colors may have faded, or you just got bored and want a color change. Either way, you can’t neglect the aesthetic value a house can bring. After you paint your property, you’ll see it in a new light and appreciate it differently.

2.   Better aesthetics means higher value

If you’re planning on selling your home or re-evaluating it there is no better time to look for a local exterior house painting contractor in MA. Painting your house has one of the best returns of investments. For example, kitchen remodels only have an 80% ROI whereas a fresh coat of exterior paint gives you an average of 140%. Don’t miss out on a solid opportunity like this!

3.   Increase your Curb appeal

You know how important was the appeal of your neighbourhood back when you moved into your house. Remember how appealing was to drive by clean, fresh, and rich-looking houses on your block? Curb appeal is all about setting the right tone when a buyer is viewing your home for the very first time. It’s like slowly paving a road towards a potential sale just by applying a fresh coat of the best exterior paint available on the market.

4.   Protection from natural damaging factors

One of the most important perks of having decided to get exterior house painting services in Massachusetts is that your property will be thoroughly prepared for the humid climate of our state. Rain, wind, snow, insects, fire are just a few factors that can affect your home and your safety. Paint acts as a protective shield for the siding of your house. You can stop worrying about water particles getting inside and feel safe in your home again.

5.   Identify and treat Insect Damage

Termites are the No 1 enemy of wooden surfaces. The damage can be very significant and it can lead to foundation deterioration. Identifying and addressing this problem at the right time is crucial. A professional painter will evaluate your home’s siding before painting it and will take all the necessary steps to stop an infestation in its tracks.

6.   Longer-lasting Siding

Most sidings whether they’re made from wood or vinyl get replaced periodically. If a new coat of paint can make them last a year or two longer, that will save you thousands of dollars. If you use the best quality exterior house paint, you can cover up some blemishes and provide extra protection to the weathered down areas too.

7.   Introduce new patterns and colors into your life

You will have some fun picking up new shades that will bring life back to your old home. Consult a professional painting company that will give you good advice on what colors to pick and what combinations work best together. You may get some cost-effective advice too, along with a brilliant color scheme.

8.   Reduce your stress

Hiring a company that provides exterior residential painting in Massachusetts is a stress-free task. Besides having a great attitude and showing up for the job, a professional will make you feel like painting your home exterior is hassle-free, before, during, and even after they’re finished with your project.

9.   7 to 10 years of peace of mind

A job well done will save you from worrying about your house exterior for 7 to 10 years at the time. You will not have to worry about moisture getting inside of your home or getting mold that can cause serious health issues like asthma and allergies. You can rest assured that a good professional will leave your house knowing that you won’t need their help for a long time.

10.   Practical costs

Painting your house exterior is not an expensive renovation you can make, but surely is one that will bring back the most value. The best quality paint along with true specialists that provide high-rated services can ensure longevity and consistency of their work. All that’s left for you and your family to do is to enjoy it!

It’s easy to get confused and a little overwhelmed when you plan a home renovation of any kind. Just make sure you hire reputable professionals that have been in the field for a long time. Ask EchoHousePainting for free quotes and advice anytime you feel you need one.

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