Spring is coming with its sunny days and beautiful nature. It is known that spring is the season for “new beginnings”. And if you want your house to be in tune with the season, our team is here to help you. We can make your house look amazingly delightful. We can refreshen your outside and inside home.

            Our Boston house painting services are ideal for people who want to experience the feeling that they live in a new house. If you want your home to look incredible and refreshened, but to keep its initial special traits, you can always give us a call. We will absolutely love to help you make your dreams come true!

Boston house painting services for one of the most beautiful locations

            Boston is well known for its stunning views, being one of the oldest towns in America. Founded by Puritan colonists from an English town around 1630, Boston has constructions with amazing architecture. It has beautiful, old buildings with great histories that should be preserved and maybe renewed where they need to be renewed.

And so, it is understandable why there needs to be professional Boston house painting services in the area. We are a company that makes sure that houses are being good taken care of. Boston is a place with where several important events took place, such as the American Revolution and the siege of Boston.

In Massachusetts we tend to find older buildings than in the rest of America. The median age that the state’s housing stock has is around 54 years old. Look at the following statistics made by specialists, regarding the cities and states where you can find the oldest houses in America:







Scranton Pennsylvania 33.4%
Boston Massachusetts 32.1%
Providence Providence 29.6%
Springfield Rhode Island 29.1%
Buffalo New York 28.4%

We do not change your home style… we will only add some of your own personality to it!

This kind of history directly affects how people view the city. At the same time, it also affected the way the constructions were built, the style of the architecture and so on. Consequently, there needs to be someone who knows how to paint and repair the houses without erasing their entire history.

A lot of people want their houses’ history to be preserved. We are extremely good at making your home look “healthy” and beautiful. We will not entirely change your home style, as this might be important for you. But we will add a little bit more of your personality to it.

We can help you with the following services:

  • Exterior Painting Services
  • Interior Painting
  • Commercial Painting
  • Power Washing
  • Cabinet Refinishing and Refacing
  • Gutters and Downspouts
  • Window Glazing
  • Deck Restoration

We are second to none when it comes to residential painting services. Echohousepainting represents professionalism, trust, creativity and dexterity. We get our job done amazingly, so that you can enjoy your new special place. What’s more, we also offer our services in other areas, such as:

  1. Arlington
  2. Brookline
  3. Needham
  4. Newton
  5. Wellesley
  6. Weston
  7. Westwood

Echohousepainting, the company that will change your life for the better

         We are extremely thankful for our team of professionals that put in the hard work daily so that we Echohousepainting can change your life for the better. We offer the best house painting job that lasts for year. Your home deserves the best. It is the most sacred, special places for its owner.

If this is the case, why not invest in experts that know how to take care of it? Your home directly impacts the way you feel and your state of being. It is important that you and your family feel safe and comfortable in your own home.

            What is more, our team knows how to keep your home’s initial architectural characteristics. We know the way in which we can preserve it traits, but at the same time give you a place specifically made for you.

It has been shown that in Boston, there are multiple home styles. And we are able to handle all of them. Here are some of the home styles in Boston:



Colonial Homes

·      rectangular/square façade

·      windows symmetrically on both sides of an entrance

·      usually made out of wood or brick

·      it usually has windows with shatters



Greek Revival

·       temple-like appearance

·       symmetry

·       columns

·       heaving moldings


Cape-style Homes

·       usually, single stories homes

·       rectangular profile

·       central chimney


Mid-Century Modern

·       geometric and organic shapes

·       ornamentation is minimal

·       clean lines


Tudor Revival

·       cross gables

·       roof that usually is pitched steeply

·       big chimneys




·       roofs that are gabled and steep

·       angles that are round

·       woodwork (decorative)

·       pretty blind colors

·       glass that is stained

Experts know how to paint your house according to the climate

         The climate in Boston can be pretty tricky. It has a humid continental climate. The summers are most of the time humid and hot. In the winters it snows and it is pretty cold. Accordingly, house painters need to take into consideration the weather when they start working on a house.

            A high-quality painting requires a certain temperature in order to last longer. Outside needs to be 40 to even 90 degrees Fahrenheit in order for experts to do their job correctly. In consequence, it is not recommended to have your house painted in the winter.

            You wonder why is best for your house to be painted in a certain weather? Well, because:

  • it will allow the paint to dry properly
  • the paint will last much longer
  • the paint will look a lot more professionally done
  • the colors will be more vibrant
  • the colors will not fade so quickly

Our experts know what are the steps they need to take in order for your house to be professionally painted

            If we are talking about exterior painting, then the first step will be to remove what remained from the previous painting. Afterwards, the walls of the house need to be washed thoroughly. Some houses will need repairing. If this is the case, then we will make sure that everything is perfectly prepared.

            After all of that, we will need to sand and prime the walls. Now, everything is ready to be painted! And talking of that, did you know what are some facts that should be taken into account when painting exterior houses?

  1. there should be uses at least 2 coats of painting, depending on the old painting
  2. there can be added new paint over old paint
  3. acrylic paint lasts longer than any other paint – it can resist any kind of weather and considering Boston’s climate, acrylic paint can be a life saver
  4. it takes 30 days (more or less) for exterior paint to cure
  5. one reason of paint failure is the lack of moisture or abundance of moisture
  6. prep work is very important when it comes to exterior house painting

Some things you should know when hiring professionals for painting services

Home is the place where you share memories with your favorite people. Home is the place where you can share happiness, sadness and success together. If you want to treat your house as an important part of your life, you can’t ignore its needs. And, most importantly, you should hire the right people.

Things such as interior and exterior painting, deck restoration and cabinet refinishing and refacing are essential for the wellbeing of your house. But so are the people which you trust to make your home cozier and perfect for you. We work with passion and we are creative.

We pay attention to details and we are great at finding out what aesthetic works best for your home. We know that every house has its needs and requirements. We have great time management skills and so we know how to meet all of your house’s needs.

house renovation exterior painting

The house painting company that will always be there for you!

            We are professionals that work with a lot of passion. We are aware that everyone has a special place in their heart for their homes. This is the reason why we want to do our job amazingly and to surprise people with the results.

            We openly communicate with our clients and let them know how to process of painting their home is going. Our team loves challenges. Make your dreams comes true and hire the most professional company of painting services in Boston!

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