Are you looking for a team of professionals who will put your wishes and ideas into action with quality and professionalism when performing the painting work? If you are looking for the right company for painting works, you are in the right place! We provide exterior and interior house painting services in Boston MetroWest Area, MA.


We are at your service if you are looking affordable painting company in the Boston MetroWest area. At your invitation, we come to your home address and based on the exact measurements (draft of an apartment or office space), we make a painting offer for FREE. We fulfill all your wishes and requirements so that you can be satisfied with our service.
When you are looking for the right painting company, it is very important to choose one that has a license to perform these services. We are fully licensed and insured.

EchoHousePainting has top-level masters with years of experience who can easily overcome any problem that occurs when performing house painting services. Our House painting professionals first prepare the painting surface well, using top products from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. We are a company where price and quality meets, and the most important thing for us is a satisfied customer!

We carry out all kinds of painting works, repairing damaged walls and ceilings, removing old deposits of materials and lime, and painting all surfaces. After the preparation of the walls and the removal of the tiniest uneven, the walls and ceilings are coated with the colors of the highest quality domestic and foreign manufacturers. The practice is to protect and prepare the space where the works will be performed.

In our business, we are precise, accurate, and fast, and we always try to finish the entrusted tasks within the set deadlines. Behind us are a large number of completed projects as well as satisfied clients.
Feel free to contact us for more information about your next painting project!

Top common FAQs about Metrowest Boston Painting Contractors

  1. Metrowest Painting – During which part of the year or weather conditions should I get my house painted?

            Heat or most importantly, sun, is an important factor when painting the exterior of a house. Sunny and hot days can create blistering and bubbling, which is not ideal. At the same time, temperature below the freezing point is also not recommended. It makes the work a lot harder and it can influence adhesion.

  1. How many coats of painting should be applied?

            Metrowest Painters will more than likely know how many coats of painting your house needs and why. However, the average number of coats is 2. Color retention and durability will increase when using the right number of coats of painting. One coat of painting it usually is not enough.

  1. Should I give a deposit to a painting contractor Metrowest?

            Giving a deposit to a painting contractor is not really recommended. At least not before they start to work on your house. Not every painting contractor is trustworthy and you probably do not want to waste your money. It’s possible that the contractor will not finish their job once starting it.

  1. What does it look like to get a painting estimate for a project in the Metrowest area?

            There are a few steps that should pe followed when getting a painting estimate. If you have any questions about the project, you should ask the contractor. You should also bring up the timeline to get everything completed. The entire process should be discussed closely, in detail: painting, color, expectations, payment options etc.

  1. Do colors affect the price of the project?

            Painting contractors in Boston MetroWest Area do not usually ask for more money for certain colors. However, they may charge more depending on how much painting they use for your house. They may also charge more if you choose to use more than 3 colors (the normal number of colors) when painting the house.

  1. What qualities do Metrowest Painters need?

            A good house painter will have a lot of creativity and great color vision. Especially regarding aesthetics and details. A house painter should be familiar with the utensils and use them with dexterity. It’s important for such a worker to have amazing time management skills in order to finish the project in time.

  1. What are the main causes of paint failure?

            There are a lot of reasons. Paint can fail turning out ideal because of too much or very little moisture. Moreover, too much sun exposure is not recommended. Prep work can also be essential and if it is not done adequately, then it will most probably cause paint failure.

  1. What are the components needed for painting?

            Every good paint on the market should consist of additives, pigments, liquids and binders. Each and every one of these components is extremely important since they can affect the performance of the workers and outcome of the project. The quality of the paint will be higher if it contains these four components.

  1. What should you ask Boston MetroWest Area Painters?

            If you want to know what will happen to your home in great detail, then there are a few questions you can ask a painter. Firstly, you can ask how long is going to take for everything to be done. You can ask if they are insured and how many painters will work at your house.

  1. Should I supply my own paint?

            Supplying your own paint is not mandatory if you work with a company that us professional. They will make sure they have everything that they need for the project. However, you should probably know that you will ne charged more if more paint will be needed for the house.


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