Cabinet Refinishing and Cabinet Refacing in Boston Area

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Learn more about cabinet refacing and refinishing from our experts. Boston’s best company for Kitchen Cabinet refinishing is now offering you the help you need.

The looks of your kitchen can be fully transformed with the help of the cabinets. Changing the cabinets can be really expensive. That is why you should take into consideration cabinet refinishing services. Find out more about the cabinet refinishing services provided by our company!

Boston Cabinet Refacing and Cabinet Refinishing

Should you Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets or choose Cabinet Refinishing and Refacing?

            Replace or refurbish? This is a problem encountered by many families that want to refresh the looks of their kitchen or to completely change it. There are many aspects that should be taken into consideration before making a decision.

Replace Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing
It is simpler to choose a pre-styled cabinet. It is way cheaper than replacing the cabinets.
It is less of a hassle for owners who do not want to get involved in all the details: measuring, choosing colors, looking for a specific style, etc. It is a fully customizable process – you can choose everything, starting from the color palette, style, etc.
You need to find a solution for the older cabinets that you want to replace. Donate them or find someone who wants to buy them. It is a faster process than the one of replacing the cabinets. The longer the process takes, the longer you can not use your kitchen.
The price of the investment could be higher. This way you can add a personal touch to the cabinets.

Cabinet Refacing Services in and around Boston Massachusetts

Echohousepainting offers services in many locations in the area of Boston, Massachusetts, including:

      1. Back Bay
      2. Beacon Hill
      3. Charlestown
      4. Jamaica Plain
      5. West Roxbury
      6. Waterfront
      7. South Boston
      8. North End
      9. Arlington
      10. Newton
      11. Needham
      12. Brookline
      13. Wellesley
      14. Weston
      15. Westwood

cabinet refacing and cabinet refinishing in Boston

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Our Boston cabinet refinishing and painting services

Refurbishing the cabinets does not mean that we will only repaint them. Refurbishing includes many more services. The whole process of restoring cabinets can be explained in a few steps. Our team will talk to you. This way they will make sure that the results are as you expect them. There are a few things that they need to know, like:

      • The size of the cabinets
      • The style you want
      • The color palette that you prefer
      • Your budget
      • Any other preferences.

The surrounding space will be covered with a protective plastic film in order to prevent any personal objects from being damaged by dust or paint. Any damages will be repaired, and any missing pieces will be replaced. The whole surface will be sanded. This way the surface will be smooth, clean, and ready for the painting process.

A primer will be used in order to ensure a good attachment of the paint to the wood. The last paint is the one where we apply the desired colors.

Enjoy your new kitchen!

ideas of Cabinet Refacing in Boston

Hiring a Kitchen Cabinet Painting Professional is the only right choice, and it will make the whole process of home remodeling fast, painless, and professional. Call us now at (781) 403-4809 and hire the best company for your Cabinet Refacing and Cabinet Refinishing project in the Boston area.

What Are The Benefits Of Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing?

         We know that any renovation process can be a big investment, but buying new furniture/cabinets can be an even bigger investment. So, a big benefit of refurbishing / renovating your cabinets it is represented by the fact that it is less expensive. Save money, recycle your old cabinets and enjoy a whole new-looking kitchen! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

            Another benefit is that you can create your dream kitchen! You can choose any type of style or any color! If you are having trouble choosing the right colors, do not worry! Our team will always be by your side. We will always help you take the best decisions so that you will not regret anything later.

            Restored cabinets will last as long as new cabinets, so this way you will invest less and get more! The restoration process done by our team it is not long. Everything will be put in place in the shortest time possible so that you can enjoy your kitchen again!

Affordable Kitchen Cabinet Painting Ideas


If you are having trouble finding style ideas, we will help you out with a few affordable ideas for your kitchen cabinets:

·      White cabinets – today more and more people choose the minimalist style and white cabinets. They make the kitchen look bigger and visually less crowded.

·      Vintage cabinets – the vintage-looking kitchens are taking over the market, so even this year they are a great choice for those who want to “ go back in time ” and enjoy a vintage kitchen with modern appliances.

·      Country / rustic cabinets – are close to the vintage ones. They are simple, but they take away your breath when seeing them.

·      Vibrant colored cabinets – are not for the faint-hearted people, but they really make a special element of your kitchen.

·      Black cabinets – are also minimalist. They don’t get stained easily, so they are easy to maintain.


kitchen cabinets before and after


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FAQS about cabinet refinishing in Boston MA

• How long will the refinishing process take?

We work as fast as possible for your comfort and satisfaction with our work. This is one of the most asked questions, but it is hard for us to give an exact answer. Why? Because it depends on many factors: the state of the cabinets, the size of them, the chosen style, etc. We know that the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a house, and we ensure you that we will finish everything as soon as we can.

• How much does a cabinet restoration cost?

This is another aspect that depends on what we need to do and how much work we need to do. That being said, we can not offer an exact price, but we can tell you that:
1) It is cheaper than buying new cabinets
2) Our price – quality ratio is balanced, so that you will never pay more than you should!


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