Renovating your home on your own could be a little overwhelming, mainly when it comes to some types of architecture. To make sure that your home will be adequately maintained, you should consider hiring a reliable painting contractor. Echohousepainting offers services for renovation and exterior house painting in Boston.

Boston is filled with several types of architecture. Due to its history, now you can find several historic houses throughout the city. You will likely find brownstones and Victorian homes, but it is filled with other common home styles, as well. These homes vary in style, and each of them has specific needs. Our company has gained a lot of experience throughout the years and has completed renovating projects.

We are very proud of having the privilege of collaborating with passionate house owners. These home owners  consider their home a legacy and want to take further the story of their family by maintaining their home in good condition. Echohousepainting is the painting contractor to serve your needs. The other areas where we carry out our work are Arlington, Brookline, Needham, Newton, Wellesley, Weston, and Westwood.

Our services adapt to your home’s style.

The story of Boston is told through the city’s architecture. Properties are the passion of any respectful house owner. Our mission is to guide you through the process of renovating your home and provide high-quality services that will serve your requirements. We do not specialize in a certain type of house. In contrast, we had the privilege of providing services for exterior house painting in Boston to different types of home styles. In this way, we have built a successful career.

Our soul projects consisted of the reconditioning of houses that have been part of different centuries and that, over the years, have kept that specific shine of the period of which they are part of. This enabled us to discover new techniques and to overcome any difficulties. Some examples of home styles that we have restored are American Colonial, Cape Cod, Victorian houses, Gablefront houses, and many others.

Your house needs qualitative restoration.

If you want to keep the house on the same note as the era that it belongs to and you want to enjoy it many years from now on, then we are here to help. Echohousepainting offers services for house painting in Boston, and our customer services will not let you down. The steps needed are best done by an expert that knows what to take care of.

We make the most out of our painting job. Our company will make sure to prepare the surface well. In this way, we want to avoid re-doing it in a couple of weeks. We will scrap away old paint and clean the surface of debris and trim any bushes or branches that might get in the way. Our professional house painters will apply the suitable coating correctly which will definitely make the difference between needing to reapply it every couple of years or potentially lasting up to a decade.

Exterior house painting in Boston

We have been in this industry for seven years now. Our company undertakes exterior and interior painting jobs and also deck restoration. We respect your home, and we want to take care of it properly. How will we ensure that? We have carried out several house projects. This enabled us to enhance knowledge and to become perfectionists in our field.

We know how to analyze the whole process and how to act according to the needs of your home. We not only want to improve the appearance of your house but also to solve existing problems related to its maintenance. We are aware that weather elements can damage the appearance of your house over time, and that is why we take care of this aspect as well.

We are eager to take part in new projects, and we want to offer our customers the services they need for their home to turn out the way they desire. You could read more about our services for exterior house painting in Boston on our website, where we offer detailed information about our work and the pros and cons of hiring a house painting contractor.


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