The commercial painting services include doing renovations for restaurants, shops, office buildings, hotels or any businesses. The role of these services is to refresh the space of your business. This way, the space where you perform your daily activities will be enhanced, which has an important meaning for you and your employees mental health.

The first steps in planning a renovation of your business

         Our professionals are not only experts in Wellesley house painting, but also in many more fields about renovation, like commercial painting.  You don’t know how to set up a meeting with one of our experts? Well, you only have to reach out to us through any social media platforms, or to call us.

At the face-to-face meeting, we will be able to make a plan about everything we need to do for you. First of all, you need to know what do you want to convey through your business. This is an essential thing because this way, we will know what kinds of designs and color palettes suits your place the most.

Having a comfortable and welcoming place will enhance the bonds with your employees and also, the clients or potential clients will be more interested in the services that you provide.


The benefits of a renovation from time to time

Renovating a place does not only mean to repaint the walls. The professionals from our team will take care of any detail that can enhance the place where they are working. This means that the whole place will be brand new at the finalization of the project.

With the help of nowadays technology and the best quality materials, we can guarantee that your commercial space will maintain the same over years and years. The paintings done by our professionals are estimated to last anywhere between 7 and 10 years, with a guarantee of 7 years from our company.

Renovating a commercial space can increase your employees productivity and mental health, by making them happier to come to work. The space where people spend most of their time can affect or boost the productivity of them, so this way, your business will only benefit from a restoration. So, all you have to do is to trust us and trust the process, and wait for the best results!

How much time will the restoration take?

         For us is hard to tell how much time does a restoration take, because it can vary depending on how big the space is, how much work we have to do and of course, it also depends on your availability.

Despite not being able to tell you an exact time for the renovation process, we can approximate it. Because you are our priority, we will take in consideration your preferable schedule. After assessing the situation we can give you the approximate time needed to finish the project.

Please take into consideration the fact that problems can always occur during a renovation. For example, maybe under some old wallpaper we will find mold or different damages, so solving those will take some extra time. We believe in the quality of our services, and because of that, details are so important us. Only this way we can guarantee that our services are the best that you can find!

How fast can the renovations begin?

Well, everything depends on you! Our Newton house painters, commercial painters and experts in the field will try to help you as soon as they can. The only thing that you need to do to begin our collaboration is to reach out for us using any method that comes in handy.

After reaching out, we will help you plan a meeting to discuss your project and to plan every details of it. After planning everything we are ready to begin our work. We believe that helping you as soon as possible will help to enhance faster your business.

For some reference or ideas of renovation, don’t forget to peak into our social media accounts. There you will find before and afters of our projects, short videos of our professionals in action, and a lot of content about everything that we do. We are waiting to help out with any information or advice that you might need! Trust us and let our collaboration begin!

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