Your deck is not how it used to be anymore? Your house is looking more damaged from day to day? The paint is peeling off, the railings are unstable? Choose Echohousepainting for decking and house restoration services! Choose a one-stop-shop!

Decking and house restoration with Echousepainting

Echohousepainting is not just a usual house painting company in Massachusetts. Echohousepainting is a one-stop-shop that provides endless services in both decking and house restoration.

You will not have to search for a different company anymore, for each problem your house has! Now you can fix everything with Echohousepainting!

When you hire us for painting, whether is for exterior or interior, we always recommend and provide you light carpentry services. Because if you want to achieve a sharp finish, we need to fix all the surfaces before painting. It will also make the paint last much longer.

We do light carpentry works for soffit, fascia, baseboards, decks, and furniture. We can make your deck look brand new while also fixing your kitchen cabinets. Or an old inherited piece of furniture that must stay in your home no matter what. So whatever you need to fix around your house, you can rely on us!

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What are the signs you need decking and house restoration services?

If you are a house owner probably the best spot in the house is your deck. Are the perfect space for entertainment, bbq parties, and other enjoyments regardless of the season of the year. But unfortunately, the deck is also the space that takes the most abuse.

That is simply because of its outdoor location.

Are you wondering what are the signs you need deck repair work from professionals?

The first sign is a sinking feeling which means unstable footings. If you feel this when you step on your deck you should seek professionals! Another sign is rickety and wobbly railings. A loose railing can tumble off the sides, which is a serious risk for those who use it.

Another sign is if your deck boards are cracked, loose, or splintered. It is a pretty obvious sign. The wood on your deck will splinter or crack, especially if your deck is an older or traditional wooden deck.

If you notice any of these signs contact Echohousepainting as soon as possible!

Need professional and long-lasting deck repair work? Echohousepainting is your solution!

We mentioned earlier that we provide light carpentry services, let’s get into more details! So we can fix anything your deck needs. We help you make your deck look brand new, without replacing it! You can’t imagine how much money you save by restoring not replacing!

On the other hand, we also do soffit and fascia installation and repair. These two are fundamental structures for the gutter system. (By the way, we also provide gutter and downspouts services.) These structures are a paradise for insects, mold, mildew, and other things that can infect your house. So we are here to protect it!

We can also offer you trim and molding services, anything you need in your home! We guarantee you that we deliver smooth, clean, and professional results on time! Another of the top services we offer in a request is baseboards. You can’t imagine what a change can do to a room with a well-selected design!

Do you have old inherited furniture that needs fixing? Our team is on the way!

We love working with wood as much as we love painting. So yes, besides the light carpentry works for decks, soffits, fascias, moldings, and baseboards, we can fix your favorite furniture too! Doesn’t matter it’s your dining table or kitchen cabinet, we revive everything!

Think about how much you help the planet if you choose to fix and restore your furniture. Choose to restore instead of buying a new piece of furniture and save both the planet and your wallet!

Why choose us as your number one contractor? Because we pay attention to details, deliver on time and give you long-lasting results! We don’t like wasting, whether it is time, money or materials. So we help you refresh your old house or furniture with the best quality products in the state!

Contact Echohousepainting for decking and house restoration services!


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