Deck Restoration & Light Carpentry: Go the Extra Mile to Ensure Quality with EchoHousePainting

We, at EchoHousePainting, offer and recommend light carpentry services such as deck restoration for all the surfaces that need to be fixed before the painting works. Overall, light carpentry works are always needed for specific sections of your residential house, like decks, soffit, fascia, baseboards. Repairing deck damages doesn’t only make the final result look better, but also makes the deck stain last longer. We can also help you with minor repairs to get your house in perfect condition for the exterior house painting job with residential lead paint removal. 

Professionals at EchoHousePainting don’t compromise on quality. When quality means going the extra mile to go to ensure durability and long-term outcome, we go that extra mile.

Whenever you’re in doubt, don’t hesitate to consult us on the deck restoration / staining services or light carpentry works needed for any project.

 Light carpentry and wood work : deck restoration and more

  • Deck restoration. Decks are our space into nature within a residential house, and that makes them first in taking over bad weather damaging conditions, restoring the damaged part on time, and staining the deck right after may keep it functional for another decade. The new technology allows doing works on deck restoration instead of full deck replacement, making it look as new and save you money. We repair and replace worn, crakes, and splintery deck, then we restain the deck, and voila! – your deck is as new and fresh as it was upon construction.
  • Soffit and fascia installation & repair. Another thing needs attention and golden hands to be kept functional for years. Soffit and fascia are fundamental structures that make the gutter system function normally. Unfortunately, these are also perfect places for insects, mildew, mold, and bacteria to form, having the potential to infest your house too. Keeping them clean and repairing timely would save you time and money in the long run. Our team of professionals can always check the condition of your soffit and fascia and suggest whether they need repair or replacement.
  • Trim or molding works. Drywall installation may eventually become the victims of gaps and imperfections. Some extra works may be needed to trim and mold them to improve the look of your residential house or business.  We know how to help smoothly with trimming, closing the gaps along crooked walls, or and making tight joints at not-so-square corners. Our trimming services are guaranteed to offer clean, smooth, and professional results in no time.
  • Baseboards are among the top services we offer on request, after trimming and molding. Baseboards cover gaps and give crisp and clean lines to crooked transitions between floors and walls. With a well-selected design, they fit well, enhance and add more beauty to the room. Besides, they bring in architectural value and beautify the inside and outside of your house. A professional, well-done job will bring satisfying results, and so it is a good long term investment. We also offer maintenance and replacement of baseboards depending on your house needs. 

Even though these works seem minor and don’t look like a project, you should be delegating to us right away; experience knows better. It’s the small things that make the picture whole, after all. We provide you with light carpentry jobs that will improve the structural durability and appearance of your house and improve your overall house or business.

EchoHousePainting is your reliable residential house painting company. Contact us to help you estimate the needs for light carpentry and be assured we will bring in our professionalism and leave you with outstanding results. 


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