There’s more to consider than color when it comes to choosing paint for house renovations. You’ll have to decide whether you want to use oil based or latex paint. There are many distinctions between the two, so hiring professional painters will ensure that they will use suitable paint, whether for exterior house painting or other painting jobs.

Which one facilitates the exterior house painting process?

It’s important to know that latex paint refers to all non-oil based products, like acrylic and water paint. Latex paint can be used even on colder days, so you don’t have to wait for months to start a painting job. As it dries pretty fast, it’s possible to apply two layers of paint in one day.

Therefore, the exterior house painting job will take less time. Also, it’s easier to clean up afterward. You can clean the objects that have paint stains on them with water and soap. Latex paint is also eco-friendly. However, it might dry too quickly and cause brush markings. It can last less under severe weather conditions.

Oil based paint has a high viscosity, so it can conceal imperfections with fewer layers. However, as it is thicker, it’s much more difficult to work with, especially if you don’t rely on professional painters. It’s harder to clean up and you’ll need additional products, while it can also fade quicker under certain circumstances.

Professional painters choose the type of paint according to many factors

Specialists choose latex based paints or oil based products according to factors such as the material of the surface, weather conditions, high traffic, the temperature at the time of painting and other outdoor elements. Latex paint doesn’t become yellow over time, as oil paint does, but when applied on wood, it can cause swelling.

Still, latex paint adheres remarkably well to exterior walls, but for a wall made of metal, oil based paint covers it better. A team of professional painters will know what type of paint to choose and will adjust their applying technique in accordance to the surface and the type of paint.

If there are mostly good weather conditions, latex paint is durable and it’s not subject to peeling, but oil based paint has a hard finish that is less vulnerable to various outdoor elements. It causes less shrinkage, but lighter colors can fade pretty quickly. Also, it contains less sustainable ingredients that can be dangerous.

Latex based paint or oil based paint for interior and exterior house painting?

An important aspect to consider is the frequency of touching the surfaces you’re planning to paint. If you take this factor into account, you will obtain results that will last longer and that will be suitable for the material on which you apply the paint.

Trims and cabinets are definitely some of the most touched surfaces in your house, so you want the paint to be more durable. Therefore, an oil based paint is the way to go, as it forms a harder coating due to its thickness. It can be used for exterior house painting too, such as doors or porch floors.

But, walls and ceilings are not touched that frequently, so you need a product that is resistant, but not necessarily with a hard finish. Latex paint is much more resistant to the sun than oil based paint, as it does not become yellow over time, even for brighter colors.

Other things to consider

Picking the right paint for the exterior walls of your house, cabinets, ceilings or interior walls, can help you make a smart investment. Of course, not only the factors and the paint that you chose matter, but also the way it is applied and the equipment that you use.

If you choose to do your exterior house painting job or other renovation by yourself, make sure that you know very well the application techniques of different types of paints, that you have all the necessary tools and that you won’t expose yourself to potential harm.

This process can be quite difficult, especially since you also have to take into account external factors. Don’t forget that the appearance and safety of your house depend on the quality of the job. If you find it too challenging, choose Echohousepainting for outstanding results and contact us today!


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