5 Exterior House Painting Problems and Causes

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The exterior of your house is your face. Yes, it is! Just as you take care of your face, you must take care of every inch of the house exterior. If you have noticed that the facade of your house looks worse than it did during the last season, then it would be good to contract an exterior house painter. But before you do, it would be great to be informed about the 5 exterior house painting problems and causes.

These problems can lead to serious consequences and can damage the exterior of your house. Be documented and see what we have prepared for you in this article.

So let’s start:

1. Alligatoring

This problem of painting the exterior seems to give a lot of trouble due to the low adhesion of the paint used. It occurs when the surface temperature is too low for the paint to stick better to the house’s exterior material.

But a cause of this phenomenon could be the quality of the basic paint of the facade, which might have a too bright gloss to apply an extra layer of material. An incompatible paint product such as hard oil enamel can cause alligatoring if applied on a still not dry surface.

As a local painting contractor in  Newton, MA we use the highest quality and compatible paint materials for the exterior of the homes we work with.

We examine each surface and carefully choose the painting technique and strictly observe the drying period.

2. Blistering Paint

This problem is manifested by bubbles under the paint surface of the facade. Yes, you have certainly heard of this problem inside the house, but the outside is one that would suffer the most, especially when you have just painted it and you do not realize where you went wrong. The causes of this phenomenon are: painting during sunny days when the sun rays fall directly on the house exterior (it is heated to even 104 degrees Fahrenheit), painting on a wet surface, moisture that has migrated from inside to outside (especially in those places where the bathtub, shower or faucet is installed). In this case, a professional residential house painter can help you solve these problems using quality latex-containing paint. Don’t worry, our specialists will apply it in the right conditions to guarantee you the quality of the services.

3. Paint fading

You must have encountered this problem when, many years after the repair, the color of the facade turned white or lost its intensity. Exterior house painting seems to be a real challenge when you want the facade to look perfect in ten years, but not everything is so simple.

The causes of this problem may vary but the 3 main causes are the light that falls directly on the painted area, the second is the use of interior paint for the exterior, and the third – the low quality of the paint.

From here you can already see the discoloration of the paint over time, especially when it comes to the dark colors. So, listen to the recommendations of specialists and invest in quality and sustainable paint.

4. Paint Cracking

This cracking phenomenon is caused by several factors including poor quality surface preparation, poor quality of house painting products, humidity, or sudden changes in temperature. This problem can be solved by applying the peeling technique of the old coat of paint. But first, the specialists must find out the exact source, to remove it. After pilling, the painting team will apply a layer of latex paint that will get rid of this problem for a long time.

5. Chalking

When you put your hand on the facade and you see the dust from the applied material, then you are dealing with the chalking phenomenon, when the old paint removes some pigments. Its causes are equally multiple and appear many years after the application of the paint. However, this depends on the quality of the paint, the exposure of the facade to sunlight, or the situation when the interior paint was used for the exterior. In any case, we recommend using quality acrylic paint to avoid subsequent pigmentation of the facade.

After reading this article, we are sure that you are better informed and you already know where the 5 most common exterior house painting problems come from. Take care of your house exterior no matter the season!

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