We are not just a professional interior and exterior painting in Weston company. Our crew has a lot of skills that can improve your home or business. Do you need to change the gutters and downspouts? We can do it. Are you thinking about painting the kitchen cabinets? That is within our wheelhouse. Need deck restoration? We will help you!

Need exterior painting in Weston? Hire our professional crew!

House exterior painting is a huge, complex, and long-lasting job. But the results are great too. A fresh coat of paint can do a huge difference to your home. And it just needs a minimum of investment in materials and tools. Besides the fact that your home will look like new again, it will increase its value as well.

A good paint job is done after countless hours of exterior preparation. Before painting, we need to get rid of any dirt and mold on the walls. We need to fix the cracks and other damages and get rid of the peeling paint. This process takes a long time if you want the paint to last much longer.

At Echohousepainting we make sure that the preparation process of the walls lasts as long as it needs. We pay attention to details because we don’t want to miss any damage to the exterior walls. After that comes the priming part and then, finally, the painting job.

In Weston MA – we serve our customers with an open heart. But we are also available in other areas around Weston. Please feel free to contact us and we can discuss if we can serve you at your location or not.

Because we are meticulous, we can offer you a warranty of up to 7 years for exterior painting in Weston!

Good quality of painting job will extend the life of your home and it will increase its value. What does a good quality painting service mean? First of all a painting job done by professionals who have the necessary knowledge and skills. Then, the use of high-quality products and tools. 

Keep in mind, that not every painting company uses high-quality tools, but it is as important as the high-quality primer and paint. So before hiring a professional ask about the tools they use. Another important part of a good painting job is techniques. There are different painting techniques, from the 3-step brush to the roller technique. A professional painting company in Weston should always know which technique to use for each type of surface.

Exterior painting in Weston – we offer the greatest mix of services for house restoration and renovation. Check out our services page.

Here, at Echohousepainting we value these three things. That is why our crew members are licensed painters with a lot of experience and skills. We use the highest-quality products and paints in Massachusetts. And we know what painting technique to use for each type of property.

This is why we can guarantee up to 7 years’ lasting results!

The deck is an amazing plus for any home, so we do professional deck repairs too!

We do light carpentry works for fascia, soffit, baseboards, furniture, and decks. Your wood supportsare rot? The footings are dropping and the deck boards splinter? Then you will need the help of our professional crew members! Just like in any of our services, we pay attention to details and prepping here too.

The deck is not only just an addition to your home, but it is also one of the favorite places in the house for everyone. The deck is where we gather around in the summer nights for the little night talks. The deck is where we eat our bbq and drink the beers on the 4th of July. It is the place where we do all the small things that have a big influence on our life.

It is not just about some boards and balusters, it is about a sacred place full of memories. And, here, at Echohousepainting we want to keep this kind of place alive and safe. So we do the best we can to make your deck functional and beautiful again! 

Choose us for deck repairs and choose us to know for making new memories on your deck!

Besides exterior painting in Weston and deck repair services, we offer a lot of other services that can help improve your property. Whether it is about your home or business we can always come and help you. People, call us a one-stop house renovation company. That is because of the variety of our services we offer for house renovation.

If you would like to see the other services too, you can find them here on our website!

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