Professional and Long-Lasting Exterior Painting Services

The exterior painting process of a home can be a stressful process for every homeowner. We get it, and we want you to sit back, relax, and let us take care of the job!

Regular old paint or lead paint removal are no longer challenges your house faces. EchoHousePainting is lead certified in MA, and we know how to remove paint safely

Let us explain the process so you know what we do and what expectations you should have when choosing an exterior house painting contractor:

If you’re not sure what exterior house painting entails here is what we do:

  • Regular old paint or lead paint removal (we are lead certified in MA, and we know how to remove paint safely);
  • Surface preparation (whether it’s wood, metal or masonry);
  • Deck, garage or shingle painting, vinyl and aluminium siding, window glazing, fascia or patio painting – you name it!
  • Thoroughly clean up after every job we do.

What differentiates EchoHousePainting from other exterior house painting contractors in Massachusetts?

Our primary focus when delivering exterior painting services is the surface and surrounding area preparation. We spend a lot more time on treating the area than we do on actually painting it. This approach is what gives us the confidence to provide our clients with up to 7-year warranty.

Here is what we usually do before we paint and stain:

  • We make sure the ladders and the scaffold tower is safely installed (we don’t want to block your garage or driveway, and we want you to be safe);
  • We cover the adjoining surfaces (plants, trees, windows, outdoor furniture, and decorations) and we leave them the same way we found them;
  • We make sure everything is protected from the dust;
  • We run everything by you, and we don’t start painting until after we discuss what brand and paint color you want us to use. This makes the whole workflow run efficiently, and we will not miss our deadlines; 
  • We repair and treat every surface accordingly:
  • We apply primer on the whole surface;
  • We apply two coats of the paint that we previously agreed on.

Here is how we treat two of the most popular surfaces we work with:

Choosing the best paint and a brand is not something we want you to worry about!

It’s frustrating when you have a lot of colors and companies to choose from for your exterior house painting project. As exterior house painters, we have years of experience working with various brands and colors, and we will answer any questions you may have. 

We know what the weather in Massachusetts is like, and we know what works best for a long-lasting result. We will walk you through the basics of exterior house paint color choices and make recommendations based on the type of house you own. We work with the best exterior paint in MA, and we will give you a few options you can choose from. Ultimately you have the last say in what is going to be used for painting your house.

Many of our projects are challenging, old, historical properties with specific needs when it comes to their exterior appearance.

We have worked on American Colonial-style houses, Cape Cod, Gablefront, Gambrel, Ranch or Victorian homes. We are familiar with the law constraints, and we know how to follow our clients’ wishes and preserve their houses’ historical heritage.

Why choose EchoHousePainting?

Our work is meant to last. Our professionals have over seven years of experience, and if you wonder what is the cost to paint the exterior of a house then we let you know that our services are budget-friendly. We guarantee that our experts in exterior house painting will deliver results that will exceed the industry standards, and your property is going to grow in value. 

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