For Echohousepainting every renovation is the perfect occasion to make someone happy and transform someone’s safe place into something special. Your home is the place where you spend most of your time every day. That’s why we consider that the way that your house looks has a great influence over the way you feel.

This house in Canton Massachusetts was a great project of a full exterior renovation. Keep reading and find out more about this renovation.

What steps do we follow in an exterior renovation?

         We consider that a very important thing is to carefully follow some steps. These steps are followed by our team in every project. This way we know that everything turns out great, the way that the owners imagine it. The attention to details can really make the difference in many situations, and that is why we will always pay attention to them.

            First, we needed to make a plan. In this project for example the owners wanted a fresh coat of paint on he whole exterior, including the doors, the walls, and the windows. After we decided the changes that need to be made, we secured the surrounding area by covering everything with a protection foil.

            The following step was washing the whole surface. We use a special pressure washer that ensures a good deep cleaning. Next, we applied a primer coat. The purpose of the primer is to make a connection between the surface and the paint. The primer will ensure a good adhesion of the paint to the wall, in a way that will last for years and year. The last step is the paint. In order to have a strong color, we always apply 2 coats of paint.

house restoration contractor Canton MA


Be the next happy client!

         This was another successful renovation made by our team from Canton Massachusetts. A renovation by our company will last for many years. Why though? Because we like to pay attention to details, we have the best painters, and we use the best quality materials! That being said, choose to renovate your home with Echohousepainting and you will be amazed by the quality of the services that we provide!


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