The owners of this house from Dover Massachusetts have contacted us wanting a big transformation of the exterior of their house. The exterior of the house was not in a good shape, and a renovation was really needed. We talked to the owners and decided the style, the colors and the changes that needed to be made. Sit tight and enjoy this fantastic house transformation from Dover MA using the best painting services available in the area!

From basic and boring, to exceptional and elegant!

            When our team has first arrived to the house, the exterior was noticeable damaged . The house was painted in some neutral beige colors and it did not have any architectural style. A renovation was quite needed given the circumstances.

exterior house restoration and painting Newton

            The owners were ready to make an investment for their home. Investing in your home is like investing in yourself. With the help of our team, at the face to face meeting, they have made a plan and decided:

  • The architectural style that will be used
  • The color palette
  • The brand of the paint and materials
  • What kind of other decorations will be used
  • The time needed for the renovation
  • The approximate cost of the renovation.

The owners wanted a delicate and elegant looking house. We always respect any wishes and needs of our clients. We only try to guide them into taking the best decision, but we never want to influence them too strongly. The look of someone’s house should always have a touch of the owners personality and taste.

house renovation exterior painting

The process of a full house renovation

            The whole process of renovation of the exterior of a house is quite complex. There are many things that need to be done and that need to be taken into consideration. For example, a thing that should always be taken into consideration is the climate and any other exterior damaging factors. Knowing these, our team will decide which materials will work the best!

            During an exterior painting, the next steps will be followed:

  • The whole house will be checked out for any missing wood pieces or damaged ones. The ones that can be repaired will be repaired, and the rest of them will be replaced. We always want to make sure that we have a proper working surface.
  • The whole surface will be pressure washed at a certain pressure that will not damage the surface.
  • The wood will be sanded down and primed. The primer will ensure a good attachment of the paint to the surface,
  • The last step is the painting one. Two coats of paint will be applied so that the color is not see through.

These are the exact steps that were followed on this house from Dover Massachusetts. The results were breathtaking!

painters in Dover Massachusetts

Check out the before and after photos!

            As we mentioned before, the final results were breathtaking! The renovation was as the owners wished. Our clients are our no. 1 priority, and that is why we always make sure that we follow our clients whishes and needs. If you choose to work with our team we will always make sure that the results are exactly what you wished for!



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