This project was executed in Needham MA and it was a big transformation for a house in a degrading state. The project was executed by a professional team of painters from Needham MA and the desire of the clients was to bring back the house to life. A coat of new paint can make a huge difference in the way that the house looks and feels.

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Choosing the right style and color for the house

This is one of the most important steps that need to be taken during a house renovation. Our team always lets the owners have the last word, but they always advices them about the best choice that they could make.

For example, for this project the owners needed a resistant paint that will last over the years. Our team has recommended the stucco exterior paint. Stucco paint, in comparation with regular paint, tends to be more resistant than the classic paint. The classic acrylic based paint is the most common type of paint used, but stucco paint adheres better to the surface, so it lasts longer than any other paints.

After analyzing the surroundings and the style of the house, it was decided that a beige neutral color is the way to go. The house was quite big, so the renovation took quite some time. Every project is executed with great attention, so that in the end everything turns out to be perfect.

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The steps executed by the team of painters

The full process was long, but in the end it was worth it. There were  mainly  steps followed by the painters:

  1. Pressure washing the house – at certain pressure ( 1500 psi ) ; this way the painters got rid of any dirt and residues that could interfere with the new paint and affect it.
  2. Fixing any cracks and replacing any faulty pieces of the house – the cracks were fixed by using Pre-mixed stucco patch.
  3. Spraying 1 coat of primer – the painters used a Sherwin Williams Loxon primer.
  4. Spraying 2 coats of paint – the paint used was Sherwin Williams Loxon XP.

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Each one of the steps was executed with the best materials and without damaging any personal objects of the owners or the surroundings. Our professionals always pay attention to details, so that the final result is flawless. Enjoy the transformation of this amazing house by checking out the attached photos!


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