This exterior renovation took place in Norwood Massachusetts. Our team has worked hard to bring back to life this amazing house. The old color of the house and the state of decay of the house was hiding away the beauty of it. In collaboration with the owners of the home, our team of painters had chosen the best solution in order to achieve the final goal: a fully transformed home. Keep reading and find out how the renovation went down.

House renovation in Norwood

         First, one of the most important steps is deciding what needs to be changed and what will be renovated. In the presented case, as you can see on the photos, the owners, with the help of the painters, have decided to:

  • Repaint the whole house
  • Repaint the window shutters
  • Change the color of the door.

We value our clients wishes and we always listen to their needs and wishes. That is why, every decision is taken only with the owners’  consent.

After deciding what needs to be changed, we helped our clients decide what color will suit the house the best. In the end the clients have decided on a grey color, with black accents. Using black window shutters was a wise decision, because they tend to highlight beautiful characteristics of the home. Next, every belonging of the client was covered with a plastic protection, so that the dust and the paint won’t damage them.

painting company in Norwood MA

The steps followed in the renovation itself

            After everything was covered and prepared for the exterior house renovation, the painters started the renovation itself. The followed steps were:

  1. Pressure washing the house – to remove any dirt or grime. The used pressure was 1500 psi.
  2. Fixing any cracks or damages – with the help of pre-mixed stucco patch.
  3. Spraying 1 coat of primer – Sherwin Williams Loxon
  4. Spraying 2 coats of paint – Sherwin Williams Loxon XP

exterior painting company Norwood MA

Our teams use the Stucco painting method. Stucco is a mixture that looks like cement, and it is applied to the whole surface of the house. This mixture helps the paint stick to the wall and ensures that it will last over the years.

This project was amazing, and in the end,  the look of the house was truly refreshed and changed. Check out the pictures and tell us what you think about this transformation!


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