This commercial painting project took many working hours, but we’re delighted with how it turned out. For one, it was a large-scale project for us as a commercial painting contractor in Newton, MA that was requesting our commercial painting services. The second part of it was that it was a job involving many different types of jobs being done. Here’s a quick run-down of how it went down. We’ve designed and planned the appearance of the whole place, consulted the client and got to work. First things first, we’ve cleared the space where work would soon get started. Then we’ve done any necessary repairs, removals and cleaning the surface to have a solid foundation. 

Only then did we finally begin carefully applying the paint to the building. Given that we specialize both in interior and exterior commercial painting projects, we know the ways paint might act in different environments and how to make it last. Correctly applied paint will make it last much longer in the face of adverse conditions, such as in a factory or at the whims of the elements. Taking into account both our pre-established design coordinated with the client and the right approach, we’ve gone to work. To get a good result at this step of the process, you need to be more of an artist of the environment – exceptional care and attention to detail are vital.


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