In contrast to some of our projects, this deck renovation project in Newton, MA had a deck that was salvageable, luckily for the owners. As you can see in one of the pictures, rot and harsh weather have taken their toll, but ultimately only a part of the board was affected. That meant that the very costly option of tearing the current deck down and building it from the beginning could be avoided. That also meant that we could keep the nice white wooden posts encircling the deck; otherwise, they’d also have to go down. 

So, let’s go through the steps taken to restore a deck. Firstly, the entire structure was inspected for any structural damages. Afterwards, we’ve discussed with the property owner about the different types of wooden boards we could buy to replace the weakened wooden boards. The damaged boards then carefully removed, taking care to do as little damage to the remaining boards as possible. Once that was done, the new boards were placed over the foundation, using a power tool to secure them in place. Afterwards, they were cut to size and got painted over with a similar enough tone to be nearly unnoticeable. The final step of the deck renovation project was applying a finish that would protect the deck boards well for years to come.

Replacing deck posts ended up being much cheaper for our clients than fully rebuilding, which is what would have happened, had they called us a couple of months later.


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