Everybody wants a lovely front porch, but the upkeep can be quite a hassle and lead to a complicated deck repair process. Deck restoration, especially, isn’t always easy or beautiful during the process. Still, the reward at the end makes it all worth it. This deck restoration project in Weston, MA is a perfect example of that fact. During our planning phase, we’ve discovered some trouble with the wood of the deck. After consulting our client, the decision was made that the right approach would be to tear it down and build it from scratch. After all, building upon a shaky foundation is always doomed to cause problems, down the line. 

We’ve gathered all of the things we’d need and went to work. In a short period, we’d managed to lay the foundation, upon which we laid all the other pieces. The final step was selecting an appropriate wood deck stain. The owner ended up choosing a beautiful burgundy tint; the dark wood would look great in the afternoon sun. This time around, though, the stain was picked with long-lasting, weather-protective properties, to protect the wood from harm. A bit pricier, but prevention tends to be the best cure. During this outdoor deck repair, at the behest of the owners, we’ve future-proofed it as much as possible. With minor yearly upkeep, it should last for more than ten years.

Nonetheless, the deck replacement cost always ends up rather high, but it’s either that or risking falling a couple of feet out of the blue one day. That’s why it’s best to have experts over, at least to take a look-over and ensure the foundation will last.


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