Our customer requested a fresh appearance for their deck and we delivered as desired! The deck looked brand new after a few procedures and repairs. As decks are exposed to outside conditions and other threats, hire a qualified contractor for deck repair services. Our client was pleased by this successful deck restoration projects and so are we!

Why choose deck repair services sooner than later

Our client’s deck did not need a complete renovation, but only a few repairs and painting. Because they opted to maintain the deck of their house, our customer will not need a complete restoration anytime soon. The key to long-term effectiveness is maintenance!

Regular repair work ensures that minor problems do not become major ones in the future. This way, you can prevent having to replace your deck too soon. Choose Echohousepainting for a properly done deck restoration projects. When you have an expert check your deck periodically, you have the guarantee that your investment is worth it.

Frequent deck care prevents not just premature deterioration, but also collapse that can be fatal. We prioritize safety, therefore our team of specialists is highly skilled in deck repair. With ten years of experience, we have seen and solved diverse difficulties, so we know how to adapt accordingly to each one.

A tailored process makes the difference for a deck restoration projects!

To get the surface ready for painting, our team decided to power sand it. This is one of the most effective ways of smoothing and prepping wood surfaces. Our specialists employ some of the latest devices on the market and they handle them with accuracy. One of our company’s aims is to continuously innovate!

After that, we stained the deck with Benjamin Moore’s Arborcoat product. The product was selected not only because of the material of the surface, but also because of the outcome that our customer desired. It also shields the deck against UV rays, reducing the chances of scuffs and blisters.

Our customer wanted the wood’s grain to be slightly visible, but they also wanted a light tint that complements the wood’s elegant naturalness. Therefore, we made certain that their wish is fulfilled! The fact that the deck of their house had a solid color was no deterrent because our team is always up for a challenge!

Benefits of choosing an experienced company for a deck restoration projects

When professionals inspect the deck of your house, they look carefully to not miss traces of rotting. It appears slowly at first, but it continues to expand and can cause significant structural damage. We don’t let any corner of your deck go unchecked as we want to ensure that your investment will benefit your house.

Also, the deck of your house is one of the first areas that you and others notice. Make sure it’s as immaculate as the rest of your house to enhance its appearance. When our clients saw the brand-new stunning look of their deck, they were thrilled!

Are you considering selling your house? Well, restoring your deck makes your house look better to those who want to buy it. It’s easy to spot a deck that hasn’t been properly maintained. Those looking to purchase your house may view it as a financial burden. Echohousepainting will help you in making your deck look more alluring!

Keep the memories created on the deck alive!

Even if you mostly pass by the deck only when you go to or return from work, this is where you first encounter and discuss with your loved ones before entering the house too. Cherish those memories and make sure you don’t lose the wonderful moments spent there!

A drastic change of the deck of your house could make you look at it as an area where you have never been before, but the memories should not be lost. Choose to preserve it by opting for our deck repair services. Premature deck replacement is not only inconvenient, but it is also highly costly!

These deck restoration projects were an accomplishment and a reason for satisfaction for both us and our client. Give your deck the treatment it needs and it will last longer. Check out our portfolio and let’s get started on bringing your deck back to life!


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