This deck restoration project in Needham, MA, was an extended job, spanning two different parts and types of paint. We’ve started by listening to our client’s desires, coordinating a plan for what needs doing and hashed out the main details of it, to get the go-ahead. Once that was done, we selected the best team members for the job and got to work. The start involved getting rid of the noticeably older paint using select chemicals that wouldn’t damage the wood underneath. What followed were several minor adjustments to the wood underneath, to prevent any trouble in the future. To keep the deck the most stress-free area of your house, a good sanding never hurts. For a complete deck restoration project, there is nothing better than having the wood painted and smoothed out. Necessary upkeep work, as the cost and effort involved in a structural deck repair, is much higher than those needed to restore a deck – kudos to the clients for knowing to take care of it. After that, a new silver coating was applied, with a special finish to make it look better in the sun, preserve its color and last longer under the local weather conditions. 

The second half of this project was aimed at a different deck entirely, on the other side of the house. Here, the goal was to make sure the structure connecting it to the ground was well-kept and solid. That meant that no parts were negatively affected, which could threaten the stability of the entire thing. We’d then confirmed its state with the owners and taken some preventive measures. Additionally, we have applied a new finish to the burgundy painting above, as the old one was expiring. That also served to make the paint take on a more vibrant shade, which was a welcome side-effect.


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