This project was a joint one, where we were hired as an exterior home painting contractor in Brookline, MA. A building with the paint previously stripped by us needed to be repainted, and we’ve been contracted. Without letting the newly-exposed shingles be under the effects of the elements for too long, we’ve got to painting.

For this project, we’ve ended up selecting an exterior house paint of more natural colour, as those tend to age slightly better. It’s essential to choose the right type of paint for the job, as there are many different types for different purposes. The one we chose was destined explicitly for exterior usage and came pre-mixed with protective substances. Those substances let it last longer, serving to protect the house from any damage better. The support structures left-over from the previous step of the project were a great tool in saving time and ensuring proper coverage of the building in total. Tarps, elbow grease, skill and patience were the ingredients to create the result you see before you – a house as good as new!

The end product was a beautiful new look, with fully satisfied customers. Exterior home painting projects are both a great way to make your house considerably more pleasant to the eye, and also vital to protecting the structure underneath. The cost to paint a house isn’t cheap either, by any means, so it’s essential to avoid critical mistakes in the process that might see you breaking the bank by the end of the decade. Cutting corners is not an option in that case. That’s why yearly or bi-yearly maintenance works can save thousands down the line when it comes to this.


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