This spectacular house renovation was executed by our qualified team of painters in Medfield MA. Through a complete and thorough exterior house renovation, we managed to bring our customers’ house back to life. It was a wonderful experience for us to satisfy our clients’ wishes. The pictures speak for themselves!

Our painters in Medfield MA are always prepared!

Our customers requested a complete exterior house renovation. We carefully inspected the exterior walls of the house to see what repairs need to be done before painting. We also covered the door with foil to protect it from paint so our clients didn’t have to worry about the door getting stained.

To make sure we get impeccable results, we cleaned all the old paint using peel away product. We stripped the paint from each segment of the exterior walls with great attention to detail to offer our clients a refreshed look of their lovely house. Our painters in Medfield MA don’t let any part of the walls untouched!

We applied oil-based primer to seal the surface and allow the coat of paint to properly cover the walls. We chose the primer depending on the material from which the walls of our clients’ house were made. Therefore, we adapt to different surfaces, making the job of exterior house renovation a long-lasting one!

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Personalized exterior house renovation

We take surface preparation very seriously, as we want our customers to be as delighted with the appearance of their house throughout the years as they are on the first day following the renovation. That’s why we light sanded the walls to prepare the surface for painting and to fill it so that the paint adheres easily.

Obtaining results that last up to ten years is achieved not only by applying popular products, but also by selecting them based on the demands of your house. Furthermore, our painters in Medfield MA adapt their techniques and use special devices for different types of surfaces.

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After we prepared the surface of the walls, we applied another coat of oil-based primer, this being the last step before applying the paint. The primer reduces the risk of developing the peeling and cracking of the paint that will be applied after it. By doing this, our customers will be able to fully enjoy flawless results for many years to come!

Applying the paint – the final step before obtaining your desired outcome

Considered the most important stage by many of our clients, it is essential that the painting technique is adapted to each house, but also for the paint itself to be adequate for the surface. The paints we use are of fantastic quality, and through our ten years experience, we have learned a variety of strategies to improve the painting process.

We applied two coats of Aura, a Benjamin Moore paint. We ensure that the color is not only wonderfully vibrant, but also that it will last for up to ten years by adding two coats of paint. Our team of painters in Medfield MA wants your investment to bring you excellent long-term results!

The final outcome was wonderful and our clients were completely content with it, as we were capable of restoring the beauty of their precious house! The color of the paint was chosen according to our clients’ wishes, but also in order to match the design of the house.

Be one of our 100% satisfied clients!

Exterior house painting jobs are not only remarkable methods of making your house look better, but they are also significant for securing the framework beneath. First and foremost, ensure that you and your family live in a secure building where you are not vulnerable to dangers hiding within the walls.

When choosing the company that will invigorate your house, always check their projects, as they should reflect their work. Give your house the consideration it requires. The way you tend for your house has an important impact on you and your family’s protection, contentment and growth.

At Echohousepainting, we provide a team of specialists you can rely on. We are ready to explain all you need and want to know about the process, taking into account the style of your house, its necessities, and your objectives. Get a FREE estimate today!

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