The charm of this house was brought back by our professional painters in West Roxbury. To achieve such remarkable long-lasting results of this exterior house renovation, we used diverse techniques and products, replacing some components as well. Our customer was delighted and that pleases us the most!

Our painters in West Roxbury are not afraid of challenges

We’ve known since the moment we arrived at this house that it has a huge potential, and that with customized care, we will succeed in restoring its beauty. After examining the exterior of the house thoroughly, we concluded that several things need to be fixed. We always put customers’ safety first, so we checked every corner.

We started with power sanding to smooth the surface. It is necessary for the surface to be unwrinkled to ensure that the new coat of stain will adhere more securely. By doing this, we make sure the outcome will last for longer. We give great importance to the preparation process!

Also, we know that an exterior house renovation job can be messy sometimes, so we covered our client’s plants and the surroundings. We wouldn’t want the paint to get where it shouldn’t! It could also result in spots getting stained and a more difficult cleaning job.

An exterior house renovation that resulted in an impressive outcome

To ensure a facilitated adhesion of the new coat of stain onto the surface, we used a coat of blocking primer. Also, the durability is increased, even in extreme weather conditions. We do not use the same products for all projects, but we use those that suit your house!

Prepared with patience, enthusiasm and expertise, we have taken the next step in this process of exterior house renovation. We applied two coats of Arborcoat Benjamin Moore solid stain. By applying not one, but two coats, the color will not fade and it is less likely for peeling and blistering to occur.

The techniques of our team ensured an outcome with no brush marks. We always make sure that the job is done professionally and that our clients are fully pleased. Our customer chose a color that suits the style of the house, while we chose the most appropriate stain for its surface.

Our specialists examine in detail every angle of your house

Our team noticed that there are a few components that need to be replaced. Some of the roof shingles were rotten, so our painters in West Roxbury replaced them. It’s beneficial for both your house and your family that issues that might seem minor to be dealt with sooner than later.

Also, we replaced some windows trims and sills. These parts are very important, as they ensure a safe place for you to live. Trims and sills aid in protecting your house from water that could get inside. Therefore, replacing them on time guarantees the safety of your house when done by a qualified contractor.

We are very attentive to details and inform our clients about every existing or potential problem in the future. Our customer was very happy with the result! We love to bring a smile to our clients’ faces, especially knowing that they are safe in a house with no harm.

Impeccable results that last for up to ten years? Choose Echohousepainting

With a friendly and professional attitude, our team of professional painters in West Roxbury will make your house look brand-new. We establish a schedule in advance, so as not to disturb you and your family from the daily routine. We want to provide you with a positive experience that will result in the outcome you desire.

Do you have a historic house and you’re not sure on which company to rely on? Check our projects and you will see the many houses we restored, including Victorian homes, Gablefront houses and others. These types of houses need precise attention, especially when it comes to the products that are applied.

Our painters in West Roxbury have encountered different cases throughout their experience, so we choose products that protect you and your house. Renovations can be costly and sometimes time-consuming for your schedule, but when you choose Echohousepainting, you can expect flawless results for up to ten years!


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