From storage room to more space for offices thanks to our commercial painting services in Wellesley

A gorgeous, clean, and inviting look is an absolute must-have for a successful, thriving business. This commercial painting project was different from our previous works. Why? Because the client wanted to turn an old and damaged storage room into a space for offices. Thanks to our professional commercial painting services in Wellesley we made that happen!

How we turned a century old storage room into a modern commercial space in Wellesley

Wellesley is located in Norfolk County and is considered to be one of the richest and greatest locations to live in Massachusetts. Living in Wellesley provides inhabitants with a minimal suburban vibe, and the majority of homeowners own their houses. This town is noted for the quality of its education, the beauty of its surroundings, and the distinctiveness of its campus culture.

We love this town and it’s residents. We had been renovating beautiful heirlooms and historical building here for severl years now. Every time we do our sarvices here with so much joy. So, we were so happy when our client contacted us for this comercial painting project.

We wanted to make the clients dream come true so we helped transforming it’s 100 years old storege into a modern comercial space. How? We will explain it below.

We took the ceiling to new heights and give it a dramatic look with black paint

Most people underestimate the impact that a properly painted black ceiling can have in a room. Consider it your fifth wall! A strong layer of black paint on your ceiling can make the area seem warm and comfortable. A black ceiling can also help existing architectural details stand out or hide unattractive basement fixtures.

Ceillings are one of the most misused and underappreciated surfaces in the world of interior design. People spend a lot of time fussing over paint color swatches for their home’s walls while paying little, if any, attention to what’s above.

We understand what you’re thinking. “Black?…on the ceiling?” It’s a contentious color trend, but stick with us. A striking flat black ceiling painted by our professional painters might be the dramatic effect this commercial space was missing.

While our brains like high ceilings, they can also provide some unique architectural issues. A professional painting company might assist to unify the space. Rooms with black ceilings can better link what’s above with what’s down, resulting in a comfortable, intimate atmosphere.

commercial restoration project Wellesley

Are you aroused of the idea of a black ceiling?

A dark ceiling paint color, such as, may provide warmth and make your ceiling look lower, allowing you to have plenty of vertical space without compromising comfort. For this space cealing we used PROMAR 400 Sherwin Williams flat/mate black, to cover all the imperfections and give the whole space a more elongated and dramatic look.

Anyone who has ever wished to paint a white wall has discovered that there are several color swatches to pick from. The same is true when choosing a paint color for a black ceiling. Things aren’t always that black and white, as it turns out. Echohousepainting color experts can help you through the sea of black samples to select one that meets your home’s or bussines’s needs.

If you want to add a dramatic black ceiling to your next interior paint job, we can assist. To discuss making your celling a focal point, call 781-403-4809 or get a free quote now!


For this project we paird black ceilling with white walls for a chic look

It is critical to establish visual balance and harmony between different hues while designing a beautiful, welcoming setting. When you have a black ceiling, one of the safest remedies is to stick to a neutral color palette for the walls. So, we decided to use color sparingly in this slightly dramatic, modern living area.

So after we repaired, sanded and whipedd the walss, we covered them with Polyurethane. And then added  3 coats of self-priming Super Paint Sherwin Williams in ivory lace flat. The bright white walls and mantle keep the area feeling light and airy without becoming overpowering.  The dark ceiling and lighter walls are balanced by the wood floor.


We used Polyurethane for this commercial project because for the numerous benefits it has

Polyurethane paints and wall coatings improve chemical resistance, cleanliness, and cleaning ease, as well as increased resistance to abrasion and impacts.

Coatings Made of Polyurethane

This isn’t paint in the traditional sense. In reality, it’s just a transparent top coat with liquid acrylic mixed in. As a result, it is ideal for safeguarding practically any surface in almost any condition.This sort of paint is available in a number of colors.

There are numerous significant benefits of utilizing polyurethane paint:

Durability: This stuff is significantly more durable than regular paint since you are basically painting with plastic.

Cost: This paint extends further than normal paint. This is due to the fact that it is stronger and rolls on without being absorbed by the wall. This implies you’ll probably need less paint than if you used regular paint. It also lasts longer, making it more cost effective in the long run.

Faster drying time: A regular can of paint on your wall will dry in around 8 hours. Polyurethane paint, on the other hand, dries in just 2 hours.

We choose natural wood color for the floor for a pop of color in the room

Worn and damaged hardwood floors may alter the overall appearance of your business as well as the opinion of your consumers. Hardwood floor repair may be a difficult task. Dropped goods, scratches, black boards have all left their mark, especially after years of depositing things here. For us, refinishing our hardwood floors meant dealing with all of those issues.

These flooring have seen it all during the previous century. We wanted to save them so we did. This antique wood floor withstood the test of time so we could restore it easily.

Echohousepainting is preferred by business owners for our revolutionary hardwood restoration method. Scratches that go deep? Is your hardwood discolored? Floorboards that aren’t connected? It’s not an issue. When you choose Echohousepainting hardwood restoration services in Wellesley. Our professionals will restore these damaged areas with care. We will next refinish your floors with our cutting-edge methods.

Hardwood floor refinishing for worn and damaged surfaces is one of our specialities!

We restored this comercial spaces floor to its original color and sheen. Thanks to our techniques and the products we used we were able to make the floor look new again.For this project we resurected the floor with a drum sander with 36 grit paper to 120 grit and 2 coats of minwax polyurethane clear gloss.

Hardwood flooring may take a hammering over time. The original finish of this floor was pretty badly worn away by foot activity. It was full of scratches caused by all the stuffes which were depozited here. And the original hue darkened into a black color.

Wellesley restoration painting

If you live in Wellesley and you need to repair your hardwood just contact us! We will make your floor bright and shiny again! Your floors will also be recovered in a fraction of the time. Even if you have  severely damaged flooring, Echohousepainting can change that in just a few days!

Contact Echohousepainting for a free hardwood refinishing estimate!

What do you think about this renovation project?

To go with the black celling, white walls and natural wood floor, all the trims where painted with Sherwin Williams Super Paint in semigloss white. For the metal supports we have used the Sherwin Williams Armorseal Tread-Plex in super white gloss.

We adore to work with Sherwin Williams products because it doesn’t require sanding between coats and it has an amazing durability. They are a brand unlike any other in terms of integrity, history, choices, and skill. That’s something we adore, and we’re confident you will as well!

If you liked this transformation project you can check out the other projects  in our portfolio too. If you need any interior or exterior painting services, deck restoration services, light carpentry work, window glazing or gutters and downspouts, call us!


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