Through this exterior house restoration, our team managed to achieve a refined style that our customer loved. The differences are significant, as they can be seen in the before and after pictures. The charming outcome is what our client wished for: a harmonious look. ”House painters near me that consider the surroundings for a balanced result?” Absolutely!

An exterior house restoration should only embellish your house

The serene town of Medfield is known for the residents that usually own a house, considering them as family heirlooms. Their value is priceless, so the appearance of these houses is important, as their architecture might be historical. Therefore, maintaining curb appeal is essential, as it adds value to the neighborhood.

The color scheme chosen for our customer’s house is complementary to the setting, offering it a more peaceful and enchanting look. Of course, the opinion of our clients matters the most, and in this case the color was to the liking of our client. ”House painters near me that care about my suggestions?” That’s Echohousepainting!

We respect our customers’ ideas when restoring each house. Because we strive to provide stylish outcomes, we recommend color palettes that are in harmony with the surrounding area. So, if you’re not sure what colors would suit your house, our team can help you. We conform to any situation!

”Are there house painters near me that want me to be 100% satisfied?”

We used the power sanding method to prepare the external surface of this lovely house. Before painting, the walls were cleaned and smoothed using this procedure. Depending on the paint that has been applied before, but also on the surface, there are various methods of surface preparation. At Echohousepainting, we choose the ideal one!

The next step was to carefully apply the paint. For our customer, we used Arborcoat solid stain, which is a Benjamin Moore product. We know that not only the products matter for an exterior house restoration, but they have a big impact on the outcome as well, along with techniques and devices.

The result was remarkable and it pleased our client. Our purpose is to ensure that all of our clients are satisfied. Passion is what drives us to keep moving forward and evolving. In addition to passion, we use innovation, a professional approach, and new devices in our quest for customer happiness.

”Is Echohousepainting the team of house painters near me that follow the agreed schedule?”

Even before the exterior house restoration itself, we discussed with our client the details related to the duration of the project. We established a mutually agreed schedule that we precisely followed. Our team respects the privacy of all our customers! Therefore, we successfully complete each project in the short time set.

Our approach is not the same for every house, as every house is different. Even if several houses would be in the same style and with a similar surface, the external conditions and surroundings may be different. Therefore, we focus on developing the optimal strategy for each house.

We never leave a mess after finishing a renovation, but not during it either! Our team of specialists ensures that it precisely follows a strict schedule for cleaning the surroundings on a regular basis. Furthermore, we use foil to protect the nearby surfaces from staining.

Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority

The wonderful result can be seen in the pictures. Our client was delighted! Due to the high quality of the paint we applied, along with the methods and the technology we used, our client will be able to enjoy an impeccable appearance for up to ten years.

Choose to renovate your house in order to preserve its splendor. Over time, but also due to extreme temperatures that can cause cracks and mold, your house might not look the same as it used to. But that’s not all, the protection it provides might diminish as well.

The purpose of an exterior house restoration is not only to give your house a freshen look, but also to ensure its reliability. Choose security and comfort. When you decide to work with us, our experts will inspect your house to find then repair all the damage. Contact us today by filling in the form and choose professionalism!


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