The paint on your walls can change the mood of the room completely. It can also be an essential factor in deciding whether you like spending time there and whether it feels like home to you. So, it is no wonder many people seek to renovate their homes to better suit their needs, as when the owners change, so should the place they live in reflect it. This Interior Painting Project in Wellesley, MA was one such case, and our residential painting services were up to the task. Upon assessing the work to be done, we have sent two of our best interior home painters to handle the project. The goal here was to transform the aged dull-green walls into something more aesthetically appealing, keeping in mind the clients’ wishes. Then, a vision of what style would be most appropriate for the interior was drafted, with the suggestions from our painters left up to the clients. The drafted design was exceptionally light and white to match the newly bought furniture. Once that has been established, the right paint has been bought, and the team could get to work.
First, protective plastic sheets have been draped over everything, to prevent any stains during the work. Then, the paint was mixed, and the painting itself started. The main areas our interior house painters worked on were the cornice, the surface of the walls in the middle of the house and the sides. The room was well ventilated during the process, and the paint applied steadily and evenly. As the painting process was done, it was left to dry and for the worst of the smell to dissipate.
By the end, the client was satisfied with the work being done, being happy with the result. Many people consider only the interior painting cost, without realizing how much of an impact living in a freshly painted home can have.


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