A before and after project in Needham, MA

Our professional painters offered this house in Needham a fresh new appearance. Not only did the color improve the design, but we also completed some repairs to ensure that our client’s house is safe and protected. This exterior house painting Needham job is a new success story, as our customer was 100% pleased!

Exterior house painting Needham – reliable services!

Our customer wanted a new color for their house, but also some reparations. Our team of professional painters arrived at their house with all of the essential tools and equipment, as well as a positive attitude and skillfulness. We performed a meticulous examination of the house and noted all the things that need to be repaired.

Our specialists have renovated numerous houses, so we have a clear understanding from the start of all the steps that must be taken for our customer to get outstanding results. We use specific and customized approaches for the house depending on the requirements of the property and what the customer desires.

At Echohousepainting, we fully comprehend that rigorous preparation is the first imperative step for durable results, that is why we power sanded the walls first. Through this procedure, the surfaces are prepared for the paint that will be applied to them, facilitating the adhesion process. Also, we covered the deck with foil to prevent it from getting stained.

Professional painters that are dedicated to the safety of your house

For this exterior house painting Needham job, we used a coat of blocking primer. Choosing the right primer, its quality as well as the application method strongly influence the persistence of the paint. To avoid smoke, water or grease bleeding through the coat, we used a blocking primer that is suitable for the surface.

We adapt our painting methods for each house and do not use universal products, but specific ones. Whether the surface of the walls is made of metal, wood or other material, we use the proper products. Moreover, the products we use offer benefits to your house, such as resistance to extreme weather conditions, mold prevention or others.

Our professional painters applied two coats of Arborcoat solid stain, a Benjamin Moore product. The paint offers high-quality UV protection, therefore, the color will last over time and will be less likely to fade. Also, the product that we chose prevents mildew.

The importance of fixing damage that seems minor

In addition to the exterior house painting Needham job, we replaced some windows trims and sills, but also some rotted shingles. It is fundamental for us not only to provide a pleasing appearance, but also to provide stability and safety to our clients. Choose a company with a solid reputation to maintain the security of your house!

These damages do not cause major problems in the short run. However, if they are not solved, they might lead to mold and water leaks. As a result, they may cause even more severe problems, such as deterioration of the walls, as well as putting you and your family’s safety at risk.

Damage can accumulate, and in the future you might not have only a few components of the house to replace, but also to deal with the effects of not repairing in time. If you are not sure if your house needs fixing, hire a trustworthy contractor to examine your house and recommend further measures.

Choose Echohousepainting for a variety of superior services!

Our customer loved the exterior house painting Needham job and so do we! The new color beautifies the features of the house and gives it a refined look. We are even happier knowing that we have spared our client from potential future expenses that would have been caused by not repairing the components on time.

We offer not only interior, exterior and commercial painting services, windows glazing, power washing, deck restoration, gutters and downspouts, but also a team that you can trust and which can guide you to obtain an enviable house. Renovating your house does not have to be a burden, let us turn it into an enjoyable moment.

Check the projects section to see the before and after of our clients’ houses, but also our blog for tips and recommendations. We guarantee durable and remarkable outcomes that protect you from issues in the future!


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