This exterior painting in Newton, MA, dates to 2018. As can be seen on the photos, the flaking paint can be seen from a distance – meaning a renovation is necessary.  The main goal with the project was to renovate the entire house’s exterior fully, while keeping its overall style the same, with as few changes as possible.
To handle this task, we have sent four of our best painters and expert renovators. Once they have arrived, they went to work.

Step one was removing the old layers of paint on the house, to expose the wood, treat it if necessary and apply a fresh coating that would last a while and look great. In total, ten layers of paint were removed off the house’s exterior, using special equipment for both elevations, as well as protection. 

Next part was the first time we ever did a deck repair in Newton. The two decks had to be sanded and fixed where appropriate, to prepare for the re-painting.

The soffit and fascia boards had to be worked on as well. Unfortunately, both sections needed to be replaced, since the wood underneath had been damaged by bad weather. The entire process is challenging to complete and not recommendable you do by yourself unless you have the proper elevation tools. 

Next was glazing the windows and letting it settle a bit, before starting up the painting process, to future-proof the project better and insulate the house. 

The final step was coating everything in a carefully selected, and customer approved new coating of paint. As a commercial painting contractor in Newton, painting during a renovation is where we truly excel. The paint was applied diligently and slowly during a cloudy day. Next came the finish, which was picked to last the house for at least the next half a decade. 

As you can see in the images, the house has kept its style, while adapting to the more modern environment with the new paint – a job well done.


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