Here are some photos from an exterior house painting project in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. The wood was old, and the paint had been applied a dozen years prior. As it has been so long, the paint has started flaking on the sides. That has then exposed the aged wood underneath – so the project needed to be done as soon as possible. To accomplish that, Echo House Painting had been hired, inclusively for our light carpentry services in Massachusetts. We have then sent a qualified team to work on the project, with all the tools they would need for safety in painting over the house, ladders, and of course painting equipment. Once arrived, the team got to work. The first step was removing all the old paint, as it is only a matter of time until other parts of it start peeling as well. It was a slow process, but a necessary one as painting over old paint typically has negative consequences. Once that was done, and the surface of the house was entirely free of paint, it was time to get to work.  The old wood that needed treating was spotted and either replaced or repaired, depending on the severity. All that was left was applying a new coat of paint over the exposed wood, of premium quality so that it would last longer.  Many people do not paint their house as frequently as possible, perhaps forgetting that the primary purpose of the paint is to protect the wood underneath from the elements. The exterior house painting cost of this project in Massachusetts could have been considerably lessened. Had the paint been regularly reapplied, little to no light carpentry work would be required. That would take the overall cost of the project down and save money in the long run. Preventative measures are best here, so do not wait until the paint starts peeling to call experts or even paint it on your own if you can find the time and have the tools at hand.


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