This exterior painting in Newton, MA, has been done recently. The house had not been painted recently, the weather outside and time was making the paint start peeling. As more paint peeled both off the windows, as well as the walls, more wood was exposed, leading to light damage. Upon closer inspection, the gutters were also structurally unsound in some places and needed fixing.
All in all, the client was looking for gutter and downspout repair. That was in addition to the light carpentry work and exterior painting that had to be done. Echo House Painting was hired for this project thanks to its reputation as a commercial painting contractor in Newton, with the ability to handle house painting efficiently. Five professionals were selected to complete the job.
The first step was stripping off all the peeling paint, all over the surface of the house. Then, the wood underneath had been inspected for damage and fixed where necessary, using polyester filler. After which, the team has double glazed the windows, after making sure the frame is reliable and will not deteriorate in the future.
Once all the previous steps were completed, the painting process could start. Here, the client chose a color, and the team looked for a paint that would last longer and protect more from the outside weather conditions. While more immediately costly, it would likely pay for itself more than a few times over.
The rest of the project revolved around the gutter repair and replacement, which ended up being a time-consuming process at higher heights necessary. The gutter would prevent too much water coming down the house, making the exterior paint last the owners much longer.
Overall, the renovated version of the house looks brand new, and our task of bringing it back to life had been completed. 


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