Another exterior residential painting project in Newton, MA, this one had the goal of revitalizing a two-story house. As you can see in the first picture, the wooden house was coated in old paint, with a similar color to the roof of a dark beige. The wood on the window frames had been worn over the years. Similarly, the surface of the front porch, pillars and the roof over the porch was in a very worn condition. Nonetheless, this exterior house painting in Massachusetts ended up working out great. Firstly, the owners were consulted on where they wanted to go with the paint color. The walls would be renovated to the same color as before, with the roof gaining a darker color, while the front porch would be lighter. With those indications, we got to work. A team of three experts were chosen for this project, with all the necessary protective and access equipment to make it work. After some short preparation activities such as buying the necessary paints, our crew got to work. To begin, the old paint had to be stripped away from the entire surface of the house exterior, leaving the wood underneath bare. It was found to be in a reasonably good condition, without needing any further repairs. The next phase involved treating the wood with primers and glazing the windows. A note here is that glazing old windows is a great way to save you money on heating in the long run, as they are particularly likely to be letting the heat out. It serves to keep the interior of the house warmer, sealing off your home better.
Finally, the last step involved the bulk of our time spent on exterior home painting services – namely, the painting of the house. Careful work has been done to keep the intended style, with the porch receiving additional care to make it not only presentable but also pleasing.
The customers were happy with the final result, which makes is what made it a successful project, in the end.


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