Here we have a recent job featuring a home exterior painting service in Arlington, MA. A beautiful, classical house, built in the ’80s, unfortunately, made less visually appealing by the peeling of paint all over. Luckily, we were called to fix that and bring it to an older glory. All of the exterior paint was affected, meaning a full exterior renovation project was in order and more precisely a paint removal from the cedar shingles.

The first step is always to get rid of what doesn’t work in order to make way for something new. Our experts have started to work on taking off the flaking paint and giving way to the masonry underneath, which was steady as ever. Support structures were tactically placed to allow our team to get higher up to do a great job safely. To get at the places higher up, job. 

Some of the affected places were also on the wooden structures, but paint removal from wood needs to be done carefully, and with different tools, to prevent damage. Older wood is especially more susceptible to structural damages, so we used a combination of sanding and chemical stripping to make sure the old paint was entirely off. Chemical strippers are safe to use on wood. Usually, they are best applied by experts, who know all the safety measures by heart. Once the wood has been entirely stripped, all that was missing was outdoor wood paint.


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