Renovating your home can be quite an expensive investment, but as we all know, it needs to be done from time to time. The most important aspect is to choose a good and dedicated painting company, that will satisfy your needs. This project from Walpole Massachusetts was a full exterior renovation of a gorgeous house. The owners wanted to refresh their home, to transform it into something that suits them better, and our team has managed to pull off an amazing renovation.

An excellent example that sometimes simple is better

The owners from Walpole MA went for a simple renovation, in white and black colors. This minimalist style suits their home perfectly and gives a “ clean ” and perfect impression. As we always do, we use the best quality materials in order to achieve the best results.

Walpole MA

Before coating it with paint, the surface was pressure washed with a specialized equipment at 1500 psi. It is very important to use the proper amount of pressure, so that it doesn’t affect the surface. Pressure washing is used to remove any dirt and grime from the surface that needs to be painted.

Also, our team will fix any cracks or will replace any damaged parts, and after that a primer was applied. The main surface of the home was painted white, while the window shutters were painted black. The house was fully transformed in just a few days, and thus we made another client happy.

Walpole MA painting contractor

It’s your turn to choose the best services from Walpole MA!

Before starting a renovation we will always take into consideration anything that could affect the results of our work, such as: humidity, temperature, and other exterior factors. After taking everything into consideration our team will choose the most suitable materials.

If you want to give a refresh to your house, this is the moment! Don’t forget that as a new client to Echohousepainting you will benefit of a 15 % discount for any renovation. Also, check out the before and after pictures of this renovation and discover how we can change the way that you see and feel your home!


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