This home improvement project of the Westinghouse Building, which used to be a factory, was converted into a stylish Loft and unique Plaza some time ago. It was all thanks to a brilliant, transformative vision that sought a more pleasant space. EchoHousePainting has had the honor to work on this historical building and contribute to polishing that vision in a woodworking project. As you can see, we think we did this building justice. Selecting the appropriate wood panelling was a challenge, but we went with a softer shade. That way, the top of the stairs would offer a subtle contrast to the existing wood, in a way that blends better with the walls, creating a more cohesive atmosphere. 

The panels that held the metal railings in the wall were given an excellent wooden touch-up, to make them fit better with the rest of the theme. That meant combining the smooth industrial metal surface, with the coarse and textured wood, to make them contrast. Notice how the entire feel of the place changes and becomes more pleasurable as the renovation continues, the woodworking being the key to it. This project also allowed us to work some light carpentry in, where we worked hard to create a fitting flat peak newel cap that would match the given aesthetic. We think the result enriches the atmosphere and makes it feel more authentic.

We have teams that specialize in home improvement. If you’ve seen anything you’ve liked and would like to reproduce the results in your home, feel free to contact us anytime for your free quote!


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