Being organized during a house renovation is a crucial thing. You need to be organized from the beginning, in order to be able to achieve your goal. Many people tend to hurry up and not think everything through. There are many details and facts that need to be taken into consideration before making any steps into the project.


Step one – make your plan

         This is the first and the most important decision. This is a decisive step, and if the plan is well made, then the project will develop perfectly, and of course that is what we want. Our priority is and will always be our clients well-being and happiness, so we will make sure to respect this.

You will not be alone in the making of the plan. Everything will be planned with help from our professionals. They will make sure to prioritize your ideas and combine them theirs, so that the project plan is well developed.

It is important to pay attention to details, because only this way the whole picture of the project will be perfect. Once that everything is decided, you can get an estimation of the price and time required for everything. Also, it’s very important to know that the plan will be made in a face-to-face meeting, because in situations like this communication is key.


Step two – decide when you are ready

         After making the plan, you are not obliged to decide in the same moment if you want to go on. Our house painting Wellesley company will give you as much time as needed to think about everything and to decide if you are ready.

It is not an easy thing to decide if an investition like a renovation is needed or worthy. Most of the time, people don’t estimate very well the cost of a renovation. It’s essential to always leave a small part of the budget for unexpected problems.

We will not rush you in any way. Even if you need a few days, a week or a month in order to make that decision, we will wait until you give us the green light to start! After this, our crew will be ready to come over to start the preparations and then the renovation itself.

Step three – the actual renovation process

         This is the longest, but also the most exciting step of the whole process! That is when your dreams start becoming true and you slowly see how everything takes shape. There are a few steps that our professionals respect.

The first step includes all the beforehand preparations. They will cover all of your personal objects to prevent them from getting affected by dust, paint or chemicals. They will set up the ladders and the scaffold tower in a way so that they won’t be in your way. For example, for an exterior renovation they will not block your entrance or driveway.

The second step is assessing carefully the situation. They will check out every corner of the house, to make sure that there aren’t things that need to be fixed or  replaced before starting to paint. After fixing any pottential damages, they can start the painting itself. They will apply a primer, and then two coats of the paint chosen by you. After everything is dried up, your dream place is ready!

Handling the stress of a restoration

         We know that the process of a renovation can be quite stressful. There are many emotions involved, and it’s really normal. To minimize those emotions, we will make sure to keep you updated as many times as needed about the process.

Also before making any steps that are not foreseen in the plan that we made, we’ll contact you and ask for your permission. It is your right to know about any deviation from the initial plan, so we’ll go on with everything only if you agree.

So, if you are looking for house painting Newton MA, we are here for you! Do not hesitate to call us or contact through any methods that are presented on our website, because our job is to be at the disposal of our clients or pottential clients as much as we can!

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