A flat surface is required for a good paint job. That’s why preparing is so important. It allows you to fix any wall damage, such as cracks and holes, before applying the first layer of paint. Here is how a professional painter Newton from Echohousepainting fixes some small wall damages.

You can use these wall-repair ideas to help you get the most out of your paintwork.

Repairing small and large wall damage as a professional painter Newton

Unless you’ve already patched large holes in drywall, we recommend leaving anything larger than the size of a hammerhead to the professionals. With that disclaimer out of the way, here are our suggestions for repairing large(ish) and small(ish) wall damage.

  1. Small holes

A patch kit can be used to fix small holes (up to two inches). You will require:

  • Patch kit for mesh
  • Joint compound or spackling chemical
  • Knife for drywall
  • Drywall sanding sponge or sandpaper

A professional painter Newton sticks the mesh patch over the hole according to the directions included with the kit. Then, smoothly applies the compound with the drywall knife. Finally, the next day, after it is completely dry, it’s time for sanding.

  1. Dings and Dents

Small holes and divots are the simplest to mend. You will require:

  • Spackling that dries quickly
  • Sandpaper or drywall sanding sponge
  • Knife for drywall

Remove any debris from the damaged area. Apply fast-drying spackling using a putty knife. Then all that is left is to wait for 24 hours then you can start sanding.

Let our professional painter Newton fix the damages on your walls for better results!

  1. Nail Heads That Have Popped

Have you seen any circular bulges in your drywall or even visible nail heads? Nail pops are caused by drywall shifting and working a nail loose. These are primarily aesthetic and are easily repaired. You will require:

  • Drill or screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Knife for drywall
  • Wall screws (sized to pierce the stud by at least three-quarters of an inch in order to stay in place)
  • Compounding joint
  • Drywall sanding sponge or sandpaper

Screw one screw about an inch above the nail and one about an inch below the nail into the stud. The nail can then be hammered back in or removed. Wall screws are designed to sink below the surface of the wall, allowing you to conceal them using a joint compound. You can do the same for nail or nail holes. After 24 hours you can sand.

If the wall damage is still visible, reapply the compound, wait 24 hours, and sand again.

Repaint as an expert painter Newton

You’re ready to paint once the wall has been primed. If you’re repainting the entire area, remember that high-gloss paints, as well as certain textures, might highlight wall damage. So, for the smoothest surface, choose matte, eggshell, or satin as your wall finish.

If you wish to paint over a repaired wall with high-gloss paint (or add texture), prime it beforehand. This will assist to disguise any wall repairs and will help the wall finish adhere and cover more smoothly.

You should give your walls one or two coats of primer and for at least two coats of paint. This will give a smooth finish and longer-lasting results, but also requires more time. So hire a professional painting company for the job!

Echohousepainting services in Newton

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