We emphasize that the crucial thing for an ideal result is planning. That is why our professional house painter Arlington MA take into account some necessary precautions, to ensure that this is an easy task. Those who think that paint is the only one responsible for a flawless painting must be mistaken! The best painters in Arlington MA come from Echohousepainting.

Here is how our professional house painters Arlington MA paint the house exterior step by step

  1. Weather conditions:

Even if our painters are not a fan of following the weather forecast, this is the first step they take in planning your house’s painting. We always try to choose a week when temperatures are already mild and there is no forecast of rain. Our house painting company uses all the experience of previous projects to get your house in the best shape.

This way, the paint will dry more quickly and, in the finishing, all the touch-ups can be carried out at once. Rain and unexpected winds after a day of painting can be synonymous with double work and unexpected expenses.

  1. Area measurement:

One of the most important steps in this endeavor is to correctly measure the area to be painted. This step is extremely useful to avoid losing the amount of paint to buy.

For this calculation, we take into account the square meters of the house, the effect you want in the painting. And, of course, the number of coats of paint needed to achieve the ideal result.

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At this point, remember that light colors require more layers of paint, especially if it’s to cover a dark background. On the other hand, dark paints cover any area more easily. And allow us to better identify which areas will need more coats of paint.

  1. Protect Windows and doors:

Protecting surfaces is a key step our painters take before getting down to business. It is important to observe what is around the walls and cover everything. Such as, existing furniture, objects, gardens that are close to the area to be painted, and especially the floor. We use large bags or plastic tarpaulins for this purpose, to avoid dirtying the different surfaces with unwanted splashes.

Can you imagine the result if it weren’t on the car or the garden foliage?! Also, windows and doors must be protected with masking tape and plastic sheeting. This way we avoid the hassle of repainting them in case of splashes.

If you want to refresh your home with painters who pay attention to details, choose our house painters Arlington MA!

  1. Correct surface preparation:

Whether outdoors or indoors, before starting to paint, we must carefully observe the condition of the wall. It is important to ensure that there are no cracks, leaks, or even dirt so that the paintwork has an ideal finish. Our house painters Arlington MA pay attention to a very common detail: the old paint peeling off the walls.

If this happens, we use sandpaper and spatulas to even out the finish on the wall. In cases where it is verified that the pre-existing paint has not completely peeled off, we opt for finer sandpaper to preserve the finish. When there are irregularities, the use of acrylic mass is indicated.

After the task of sanding and removing the damaged paint, it’s time to apply the primer to all the walls to be painted. This product prepares the base for the new paint and doesn’t forget that there is a specific type for each surface. Without this step, stains and peeling can appear in the paint in a shorter time.

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  1. Painting:

After we set a date for the painting, measured the area, protected the surrounding surfaces, and prepared the walls, we start the job. Our professionals know how to paint without leaving marks. And we can also help you choose the right color for your room!

Our professionals can help you choose the perfect color. Based on the latest trends and the personality you want your house to reflect. You can choose monochromatic looks or contrast looks. It is up to you! Call us now for professional house exterior painting services! We can offer you up to 7 years of guarantee for our work!

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