Painting the ceiling of any room is similar to painting the walls, with slight differences. Such as the force that is printed with the roller. Our painters in Brookline MA are using the right products and the right techniques. So they can easily give your ceiling a new color.

What type of paint, our painters in Brookline MA use to paint ceilings?

Before they are getting to work, they make sure they have the right type of ceiling paint. This depends on the section of your house to be painted. For example, if it is your bedroom, the most recommended is vinyl paint. If it is the kitchen or bathroom, it is better to opt for a water-based enamel.

How do our painters make painting your ceiling easier? They use the following tools:

  • Stairs.
  • Vinyl-acrylic paint.
  • Roller with a long handle.
  • Tray.
  • Brush.
  • Scotch tape.
  • Plastic to protect furniture and floor.
  • Prepare the surface

Like the walls, before painting the surface must be prepared. So they clean it, remove any traces of peeling paint (if present), and leave it as smooth as possible.

Part of the preparations before painting is the protection of furniture and floors. Because while splashes can be controlled, they cannot be avoided. Lamps must also be protected or removed, to prevent staining.

What should the ceiling or walls be painted first? How do our professional painters in Brookline MA do it?

If you want the ceiling a different color than the walls, our experts cover the corners with masking tape so they can brush with more confidence.

The first thing that should be painted in a room is the baseboards. Then the ceiling and finally the walls. In this way, all the splashes or drips that are generated can be corrected as they paint the rest of the surfaces.

In addition to painting the ceiling first, it is important to do it in sections. Our professional painters paint an area of ​​approximately 60 cm vertically and horizontally. So that the paint is spread correctly and thus they can paint the ceiling without splashing.

How do our painters in Brookline MA paint the ceiling without splashing?

Before they start painting with the roller, they paint with the brush. The areas such us, the entire perimeter, the corners between the ceiling and the walls, as well as the edges of the lamps. This step is very important since if they do it after painting with the roller, marks may remain.

One of the most common problems when painting the ceiling is splashing. The key to avoiding it as much as possible is to drain the roller very well on the tray. And not press too hard when passing it on the ceiling.

The technique for painting the ceiling is similar to how a wall is painted. The first thing is to paint with vertical stripes from the corner of the door wall, towards the window. Avoid going back over the already painted surface. Our painters in Brookline MA make sure the stripes of paint overlap to avoid gaps.

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Once the first coat has completely dried, the second coat should be applied by painting horizontal stripes. That is, in the direction transverse to the first coat. In this way the paint will be distributed evenly, reducing the risk of leaving marks.

As a final touch, our painters roll again before the second coat dries, without adding paint. That way, they get a professional finish on your ceiling.

If you decide to work with our house painting company, painting the ceiling will be a simple task. We will make your bedroom, living room, or any space in your home look incredible! Paying attention to the quality of the materials and the painting the colors will remain for a long time.

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