With everyone stuck at home, embracing nature, and hoping for the “normal times” to come back, there is no better time to take care of your home and its deck. it is one of the most important parts of a beautiful home; it is where you go when you want to enjoy a bright and sunny day and when you need some time alone to relax and think. Especially in a time such as this one, you want to optimize the amount of relaxation you get. Nothing adds more to a home’s deck like a smooth fresh coat of paint. I have come in contact with so many people who talk about their boring decks without thinking for a second that the easiest fix for that feeling of boredom is a bucket of paint and some working hands to color the deck with it.

To keep it the most stress-free area of your house, a good sanding never hurts. There is nothing better than having the wood painted and smoothed out. Not too long ago, I had a nice woman talk to me about her not feeling good while sitting out on her deck. She never wanted to be out there because it made her anxious. Out of curiosity, I went over and looked at her deck, and dark spots covered it left, right, and centre. And much of the wood on it was splintery and dented. I told her how much a good sanding job and a paint job would do for it, and she called me up on my offer. The next day our Newton professional painter showed up to her house and gave it a nice yellow paint job and a good sanding. I still get calls from her telling me she can’t leave her deck because it’s so lovely and comfortable now. That just goes to tell you how much nice, taken care of home deck really matters. And I can tell you with absolute certainty that nobody wants to be even more stressed in a time like today, especially when all it takes is a quick deck makeover to make someone feel better.

Another important aspect of your home’s deck is its health. You want to maintain a safe deck and make sure none of your wood is rotting, because nothing takes away more from the relaxation of sitting on your deck than falling right through it. Sometimes, this rot is sped up because of a gutter issue or a problem with a fixture that is funnelling water onto certain areas of the deck. This calls for immediate repair and sometimes even board replacement. Now, this may seem like a daunting task to fix but that is exactly why we at EchoHousePainting try our best to help you with all your deck restorations and repairs. We come and quickly conquer any tasks you have for us such as, painting, board replacement, sanding, and really anything else that provides your deck with a great look. We hope we can do our part in helping your deck and allow you to have a more joyful time getting through this rough patch we are having in the world today.

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