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While outdoor design and renovation are essential to any house’s wellbeing, the inside of the house is that sacred space we value the most. Whenever we work extended hours or travel for weeks, what we need at the end of the day is our home-sweet-home. We want that home to be cozy and to have a high-quality interior house painting.

You deserve the most remarkable experience when doing your interior house painting and we are here to handle it as a priority!

What we offer as a house painting company, is not only a renovation of your walls and change or color paint in the living room. What we offer is an entire experience of making your home a favorite place to be.

Our team is composed of experienced painting professionals who work with different surfaces: wall, trim, and ceiling, and we like to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the results.

We Are The Interior House Painting & Exterior Painting Experts

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What do we do?

  • We help you choose the color and qualitative paint;
  • We got the expertise in handling the preparations for the painting: we prepare your walls and surfaces for a smooth painting process;
  • We guarantee a long-lasting outcome and trouble-free years to come until you decide you need a new color to bring joy to your eyes;
  • Our experience allows us to prognosticate and deliver the planned results on time.


Hiring a professional house painter in MA is the only right choice, and it will make the whole process of home remodeling fast, painless, and professional. Call us now at (781) 403-4809 and hire the best residential painting contractors in your area!

How does EchoHousePainting approach interior painting projects? The answer is short: seriously

We approach it seriously. Even though the interior of your home is not affected by weather conditions that much, we do a thorough assessment before we start working on your project.

We set up a meeting with you and talk about a few things before we proceed to work:

  • Your color and design preferences;
  • The color and style of your furniture;
  • The zoning and function of the room.

Most ultramodern houses we work within the Boston area need an individual approach in their maintaining and fixing. We treat every residential painting project differently and take into consideration the specific details of your property. Moreover, the preparation of any surface where we apply paint on is a priority to us. We want our work to last for a long time. We want to know that we did an impeccable job at your home. It makes us proud and satisfied to know we can guarantee quality. We feel humble and rewarded when our project becomes a visit card, recommending us to other potential customers.


What makes us special?

The quality of our work, combined with the quality of the products, makes us who we are. Thus, we only use high-quality products for your home renovation. We go for the safest paint stripper, special ceiling paint, and the best house paint available on the market in Massachusetts. We offer to every client and every individual house approach and personal estimation. The ultimate decision is yours when it comes to picking a color and the brand of paint we will use on your walls, but we can anticipate the outcome for you so you will be pleased by the result.

Why choose EchoHousePainting interior painters for your home?  

  • WE VALUE YOUR TIME. As residential painting contractors, we do know how important it is to finish our job on time. We know the discomfort of living on a construction site for too long. We don’t want that for you.
  • WE RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY. We are discrete; we work around your schedule. We clean up regularly. Our expertise allows us to estimate the works thoroughly and perform within established terms.
  • WE LOVE QUALITY. We don’t compromise on what’s most important in your house and your life – the quality. Your home is our business card.
  • WE GUARANTEE THE QUALITY. Once you get the interior of your house painted, you will show it with pride to your family & friends. We guarantee you’ll love the job!

Schedule a no-obligation meeting with EchoHousePainting professionals today by calling us at (781) 403 4809 or filling out a quick and easy form here!

7 most common FAQS about interior house painting services

• What are the steps of painting a wall at the interior?

Firstly, you need to remove the previous paint. Use the right utensils to do so. Next, repair the holes or any crack. You can do this by using putty. After repairing everything that needs repairing, sand everything that was repaired. After that, use primer and make sure that you let it dry fully. The final step is to paint the walls.

• How many coats of primer should you use?

2 or 3 coats of primer are needed before painting a room. This ensures a good association between the interior paint and the wall. Primer also allows to cover previous painting and its colors. Especially if they are more vibrant and harder to be covered only by paint, without primer.

• What happens if you paint without primer?

If you want without using primer first, the paint will eventually peel off. This is true especially in humid environments. At the same time, in the future, if you try to clean the walls, it will be more difficult. The paint will wear off more easily. Adhesion is the thing that will make cleaning impossible.

• How many coats of paint to apply on the wall?

Ideally, two coats of paint should be used in the interior of a house. Two coats of painting, at minimum. It depends on what is the previous color and on the quality of the painting. Make sure to use high quality painting in order to see results. Lower quality interior paint should be used in more than just 2 coats.

• What should be painted first in the interior of a room?

As a general fact, the ceiling is the one painted first. Once the ceiling is completely dried, you should then proceed with the walls. Next comes the striking board. The windows should also be painted, as well as the door frames. And finally, as a last step, you should paint the doors if you wish to do so.

• What should be avoided while painting interior walls?

It is not recommended to apply latex, especially if oil finish is used. Paint should be allowed to dry fully. Moreover, do not use new paint over paint that is not dried. It is also important to not paint over any kind of wallpaper. Every piece of wallpaper should firstly be removed.

• What should be done while painting interior walls?

The walls should be correctly primed, especially if you a different color is used. Take into consideration that two, or even three coats of painting will be needed. The paint should dry before applying a new layer. At the same time, make sure you paint in the correct order.




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