Do you want to transform the exterior of your home? This job can be expensive if you want to make big changes, so consider giving it a fresh coat of paint instead. Our expert house painters Newton can help you with the painting!

Six fantastic colors with which our house painters Newton can cover the exterior of your home

Paint is one of the best tools to change a space completely, and the same goes for the exterior of your house. Although it is a lot of work, your house will look completely renovated. Get inspired by these color ideas that will make your home look modern and new.

  1. Navy blue

Navy blue is a popular color for painting houses. Not only does it look modern, but it also helps cover up the dirt. And it goes perfectly if you want to use other colors in house and door details.

We recommend combining it with blue, white, or gray. Take the opportunity to paint the door in original color, such as orange or red for a traditional style.

Do you have a historical house? You can contact us and we will advise you with the perfect color that matches the character of the house!

Let our house painters Newton bring color to your home! Call us now!

  1. Green in various shades

Green is a rarely used color outdoors, but it can be seen very well. Choose a light tone for the exterior of the house and a darker one for the details and the door.

Although you will have more work to keep the surface clean, your home will stand out from the rest. You can add flowers of all kinds to complement the natural tones.

  1. White with a colorful door

White is a fantastic color for homes. Although if you live in a windy or rainy area, you will likely have more cleaning work each spring. If you like this shade, but not the cleaning, consider using two colors.

One dark (like gray) for areas that get too dirty. Leave white for the area near the door, and use a colorful shade for it. Or if you would like to keep it white, you can contact us for our power washing services! That way you can enjoy a perfectly clean white house!

Let our house painters Newton give your house exterior personality!

  1. Light gray and white

Gray is a color that is seen on all types of surfaces, including the exterior of houses. Light gray is perfect for a modern and simple look. Combined with white so that your house looks in the latest fashion.

If you have trees around your home, the gray will stand out from the green. And will make your home the center of attention.

  1. Black gray with beige

For a more elegant look, go for dark gray, almost black. Black, even if it’s gorgeous, is difficult to keep clean, so choose a grayish tone. You can combine gray with beige in the details to make your house look classic.

Beige is no longer a popular color for house painting, but it is still seen sparingly and paired with trendy shades. It is a shade that lets your imagination flow. So call us now for the perfect gray and beige combination!

Choose our exterior painting services and let’s make your house stand out!

  1. Yellow and blue

Do you want to paint your house in an unusual color? We recommend the yellow one. Not only will your house look happy and contented, but you will also save the work that pastel colors can take to stay clean.

Yellow looks perfect in almost any style of home, and you can combine it with neutrals like white or gray, or bright colors like blue. You can even go bold and a little unusual. By choosing purple details, to catch the eye of your neighbors.

No matter what color you decide to paint the exterior of your home, our house painters Newton will make it last long! Thanks to our meticulous work, here at Echohousepainting we offer you a 7-year guarantee for our exterior painting services!

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