The way that you treat your home can have a great influence over your daily life because there is the place where you spend the most of your time. By neglecting your home you can say that you neglect yourself. Fortunately, if you ever decide that you are ready to invest in your home, our house painting Brooklinecompany will guide you through the process.


A few words about Echohousepainting

We are a painting contractor with over seven years of experience in the field and with the services spread all over Massachusetts. You can find house painting services Brookline, Newton, Arlington and other places. Our professionals are specialized in more than one kind of restoration. The services provided by our company include:

  • exterior house painting
  • interior painting
  • commercial painting
  • deck restoration
  • windows glazing
  • downsputs and gutters
  • power washing.

Every project has its difficult parts and there are always things that can go differently from the plan, so we consider that is important to have well prepared workers for any unexpected situations. Knowing all of these you shouldn’t have reasons to worry about anything when hiring our company.

Our professionals will assist you in realizing your ideal home.It’s not an issue if you don’t have a plan beforehand or any ideas. Our duty is to listen to your preferences in design, colors, and style and come up with the best strategy for you.


About exterior house painting services

We consider that every part of the house is equally important. Whether we are talking about te exterior, the interior or the deck, each one of them has a different role and meaning in your life.

Painting the exterior of a house, especially a big house, is a huge task. You should never underestimate how demanding a job like this can be, so do not try to do something like this by yourself! That is why painting companies like ours exist: to make the job easier for you. And not only that the job will be easier, but it will be finished faster, because we have a whole team of workers who do their job as efficiently as possible.

A responsible house paiting contractor will take care of the looks and the design of the house, but also of the issues and damages. Almost everytime we renovate a house, we finds problems. Smaller or bigger, it doesn’t matter for us! We will make sure to fix those issues, because only this way the final result will be perfect!


The steps of an exterior house painting

         When doing an exterior restoration with our house painting Brookilne contractor, you don’ t need to prepare anything beforehand. A painting does not consist of only applying some new paint over the old one. In fact, there are more things that need to be done:

  1. Protect the enviorment and personal belongings

Before starting to work on anything, the workers will cover all of your belongings like outdoor furniture, trees, bushes, decorations in order to not damage them with dust, removed or fresh paint or anything else. We respect our customers, so we want to leave anything just the way that we found it.

  1. Remove the old paint

Many houses haven’t suffered changes for a long time, so it’s crucial to know when was the last time that the house has been painted and what kind of paint has been used. For example, back in the 70’s or 80’s, a popular paint was the lead paint, which is quite harmful but bck then no one knew that it can affect your health.

If our team is dealing with a similar situation, it is not a problem. Having only certified experts is an advantage because they know how to remove those kind of paints safely, without harming anyone.

  1. Assess the situation and fix any issues

In this step, our workers will verify if you have any damages that need to be fixed. Before doing anything, they will let you know that they need to make something different than the original plan. In conclusion we run everything by you and let you know about any changes.

  1. Power washing

Some surfaces may need power washing in order to ensure that the surface that we work on is clean.

  1. Prime the surface

This is the last step before applying the paint. Primer is used because:

  • it covers flaws in your wall, such as spots that have been fixed or replaced
  • it creates an uniform surface for your paint, so that it sticks on properly
  • makes the whole surface smooth, for a seamless paint application.

Priming the surface will help with the adhesion of the paint. If the paint adheres stronger to the surface, the reults will last longer.

  1. The painting itself

This is the last and final step. In this step the whole surface will be painted with two coats of paint. The paint color and brand is chosen beforehand with the help of the customer. We always provide with the best quality materials in MA and modern technology, so that every little aspect of the project is done perfectly.


Other services that we provide

Besides exterior painting, as we mentioned earlier, our house painting Brookline company provides a whole lot of other services too.

  • Interior painting – this is another important type of painting job done by us. The interior of the house can affect your mood and well-being so it’s important to be a place where you feel safe and cozy.


  • Commercial painting – reffers to the job done for any commercial space like resturants, hotels, offices, etc.


  • Power washing – is used for a deep cleaning of different surfaces, like the exterior of the house or of the deck before painting them.


  • Deck restoration – we will repair the place where you relax by providing light carpentry services


  • Gutters and downsputs – the gutters catch all the rain from the roof and channels it down to downsputs


  • Windows glazing – refers to the process of fitting the glass with the window


The importance of taking care of your home:

Taking care of your home is like taking care of yourself. Interior or exterior house painting, replacing different things, glazing your windows or restoring your deck are necessary jobs that need to be done from time to time. In time everything degrades from the initial shape, but with continues maitnance, the investments shouldn’t be that expensive.

The way that the things around us look like are influencing us on a psychological way. For example, a commercial paint can boost your employees productivity, or an interior paint at your house can ehance your mood.

Our house painting Brookline painters will discuss all of the details with their customers, because there are a lot of things that should really be considered. For example, for an exterior house painting the wheather, temperatures and humidity can affect in different ways the paint over time. So knowing all of these, the materials will be chosen wisely in order to be suitable and durable for as long as possible.


Price of our services:

The price of the services will be established only after meeting up with you. We will make a personalised offer depending on what you want and need, on the surface that needs to be renovated and other factors.

As a token of gratitude of putting your trust in our hands, we offer a 15% discount for any new customers. We respect a price-quality ratio and we believe that our prices are really balanced in exchange for the quality of the services that we provide.

All of the projects done by us can be found on our webpage at the „projects” section, and we offer a 7 year guarantee for them. This 7 year warranty reffers to the time that our results will last, without needing touch-ups throughout the years.


Call us now, and let’s get started!

We are excited about every new project. We look forward to new collaborations and for us every new project is a new challenge of changing someone’s life. Our no. 1 priority are the customers, and their happiness. We are more than happy to be by their side during the whole journey.

You can contact us through many ways, like:

  • calling us
  • email
  • social media platforms where we are present (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • filling in the form from our website.

If you are from Brookline, choose our house painting Brookline company today! Make a change in your life and enjoy the happiness provided by a restoration of your place!

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