Are you in the market looking for a reliable painting contractor? Look no further.

If your house or business needs an excellent painting job and is located in the Metrowest Boston area, then EchoHousePainting is the painting contractor to serve your needs. We have been in this industry for 7 years now and we know what it takes to wrap up an excellent painting project. We undertake exterior and interior painting jobs and also deck restoration. We do not take short cuts. We can assure you of the following services.

Expert Color Advice. Most of us have the opinion that we have great taste and know-how to coordinate colors in our homes and offices. We at Echo HousePainting respect that. But as professional painters, we would like to compliment your good taste with our blending of colors for either your external or internal walls that help your place stand out. We will also show you how light and dark colors can uplift the way a room looks and feels. We also know the trending color hues in the industry, so this will help in the uptick of the market valuation of your property.

Proper Surface Preparation. No matter how well the chosen paint is applied to the walls, it will be of no use if there is no surface preparation before the actual painting. The professionals of Echo HousePainting understand the benefits of preparing the walls for the painting to ensure the job’s quality and longevity. Steps like the washing of dirt on the walls, sanding of the surface, filling in holes and cracks, and then applying primer. And some secret company techniques for your benefit.

Expert Painting Skills. Painting is like cooking your favorite recipe. It looks easy, but once you do it yourself, you know how difficult it is to perfect your craft. Takes years of experience to paint all kinds of surfaces and applying every type of technique. Our well-trained painters at Echo HousePainting know which type of paint to use, and how to properly mask unpainted areas; dealing with lead paint; careful protection of your furniture, flooring, etc. while painting job is ongoing.

We have the best equipment. We are not the painters who will leave the job site to run to the hardware store because of forgotten paint rollers or tarps. We have all the latest painting equipment on hand and our trusted painters have undergone proper training to use them.

Excellent Results. Our expert painters have been trained to be immune to distractions while on the job. They are not EchoHousePainting painters if they are not focused while doing the work on your surfaces. This guarantees that your home or business gets the attention it deserves and gifts you with a perfect paint job!

Post Clean up – Anyone knows that the most unpleasant part of any home/building works is the cleanup job after the contract is completed. Our professional staff knows this and they are well known in the industry to be trained and conditioned to dispose of the debris properly after the painting job. This consists of unpleasant chores like removing brushes/rollers, cleaning up spilled paint, and skimming off of drips and drops that can ruin your property’s furnishings.

7 Years Warranty. Long after EchoHousePainting had completed the painting job at your house/building, we offer a guarantee of 7 long years that our quality work will last.
If you are located in the Metrowest Boston area, and you have an upcoming need for hiring a professional exterior and interior painting contractor, you know whom to call!

Call 781-403-4809 now, for a free estimate!



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