Fashion shows us the way of how to dress or wear shoes and also sets the trends for home decoration. Today we show you some very special renovation trends for the holiday season and the new year, 2022. Call us and through our interior painting Newton services, you will be ready to start the new year with class!

What colors to choose for interior painting Newton for the year 2022?   

Each of these styles plays with very creative combinations so that each person can find the mix that suits their taste. Now. A question. How much do you love colors? If your answer is very much, then the following trends are for you!

The classic red

If you want to begin your new year with a lot of energy, allow us to play with intense colors. The warm and inviting traditional Christmas decor is timeless. Reds and greens, immediately evoke this festive season and our best childhood memories. To the classic red and green, we can add touches of white or gold.

But of course, you don’t want to renovate your home just for the holiday season. Lucky for you, red is in fashion, this year and the next. It is a bright color that transmits a lot of energy and it is the most festive color of them all. But, because of these qualities, it has to be balanced with the furniture or decorations, to avoid a cluttered room.

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Lucky for you, you can ask for advice from our professionals in interior painting Newton!

The joyful green

Yes, red is festive, and it will be in trend in 2022 too. But what about green? Well, this year will be all about green, especially lime green. Don’t panic yet!

Lime green can be more pleasing than you think. This color will give your walls a touch of joy. And who doesn’t want that during the holidays? Or during the whole year.

It will give you the perfect tone for the holidays, and it will make you feel more connected to nature. So if you love nature, this color is for you! It can be combined amazingly with earth colors like brown. Or you can even choose a lime green Christmas tree for a breathtaking decoration!

Contact our professionals in interior painting Newton services to advise you on the color combinations! Although red and green are classic colors that will always be used, do not limit yourself, you can dare to choose other colors. For example, violets, corals, and blues.

Get out of your comfort zone for the New Year with our interior painting Newton services!

The luxurious violet

Violet is a very actual color and looks very luxurious, especially combined with black. What else do you want for the festive season and the upcoming New Year? Violet is a very versatile color, it can be combined with a lot of colors, beige, yellows, blues.

But you should always ask the opinion of professional interior painters when you want to stick with this gorgeous color!

The cheerful coral

Even if it was the color of 2019, coral is still adored by everybody today. It is a fun, cheerful, and lively color that brings a natural vibrant pop to any room. If you combine it with white, you can enjoy a fresh and rejuvenated space.

Or if you want something to pop more, you can combine it with blue. Combine these two with some accent pieces with a soft tone, like white and beige. And you will get a light-filled and peaceful space. Perfect for the holidays!

Hire our professional painters now and be ready for the holidays and the New Year!

The powerful navy blue

Today, the darker colors, like navy blue, are more fashionable than ever. It is an excellent option for the living room, especially if control, stability, intelligence, and unity describe you. You can combine it with white or lighter colors to have a perfectly balanced living room for the holidays.

You can even choose this year a white tree and decorate it with elegant blue ornaments!

As you can see, color can be a great protagonist to the holiday season. Since bright and vivid tones convey the vitality and joy that characterizes our spirit before and after Christmas! Call us now!


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